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E-Tech’s NEW TO U.S. product accurately finds New Consumers in 2024

Date: Jan 11, 2024
January 10, 2024 – South Hackensack, NJ

E-Tech’s NEW TO U.S. product accurately finds New Consumers in 2024

E-Tech’s New to U.S. product provides a more actionable, deeper dive into new consumers recently arriving from Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean.

Through recent, extensive research in such areas as cultural affinities and propensities, participation in U.S Institutions or brands, ties to home country, etc., New to U.S, accurately predicts likely consumers and their preferences, all without using any personally identifiable information.

E-Tech’s NEW TO U.S. product contains:

  • Deeper than ever, detailed analyses of 32 specific cultures that together account for 90% of all new arrivals
  • The latest insights into the naming practices and immigration trends specific to these consumers not originally born in the US.
  • Consumer preferences to maximize customer value specific to whether individuals are relatively new arrivals, more established in the U.S. or likely born in the U.S.
  • New in 2024: 16% increase in foreign-born individuals over 2023
E-Tech 2024 available in January 2024 now can provide the New to U.S. product as well

E-Tech 2024 is the perfect platform to combine with New to U.S. 

E-Tech 2024 contains the latest in-depth updates to demographic and technology changes in the U.S. These enhancements in E-Tech 2024 include:

  • Updated counts for Hispanic Country of Origin to keep up with changing demographics: 13% increase in Venezuelans
  • Increases in speakers of Asian languages, particularly the Khmer language of Cambodia, and Sinhala language of Sri Lanka (4-5% increase each)
  • 20% increase in individuals with first names of Hebrew origin

These are just some of the enhancements available in E-Tech 2024, which will enable you to better reach key Hispanic, East Asian (e.g., Chinese, Japanese and Korean), South Asian (e.g., Asian Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan) and African American consumer markets.

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