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Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. Takes the Diversity Management Discussion to the Next Level in His Latest Book: ‘World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach’

Date: Aug 18, 2010

Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., President and CEO of Roosevelt Thomas Consulting & Training and founder of the American Institute for Managing Diversity, is acknowledged by many as the foremost thought leader in the field of diversity. In his seventh and most recent book, World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach, he takes a more universal look at diversity management and how it applies to companies, organizations, communities, and even families. “I define World Class Diversity Management (WCDM) as the capability to make quality decisions in the midst of any diversity mixture, in any diversity setting, and in any geographical location,” said Dr. Thomas. “WCDM is a universal diversity management capability. The current tendency is to see “domestic” and “global” efforts as being separate and distinct. I contend that there is a universal lens we can look through to make quality decisions in the midst of any set of differences and similarities and related tensions and complexities.”

With demographic shifts and globalization transforming the nature of relationships, interactions, and decision making, excellence in diversity management is more important than ever. Thomas positions World Class Diversity Management (WCDM) as a parallel to the notion of World Class Manufacturing. He contends that World Class Manufacturing contributed to the development and advancement of the manufacturing discipline and improved financial success for companies. He holds out hope that a similar thrust with respect to diversity management could generate corresponding results.


“Roosevelt Thomas stimulates the reader with a compelling conceptualization, authentic examples, and thought-provoking analogies, such as how changing an organizational culture is comparable to changing and individual’s personality”
David A. Kravitz, Professor and Management Area Chair, School of Management, George Mason University

“The most important work in the field of diversity that I have read in recent years. It displays amazing insights into the challenges of the current state of managing diversity, yet ignites the imagination about what is truly possible. It’s a must-read book for every CEO, senior leader and professional practitioner of diversity in any industry.”
Frederick D. Hobby, President, Institute for Diversity in Health Management, American Hospital Association

“One of the best works on diversity management I have seen. This is a critically important work for leaders of every organization to read!
Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and author of the New York Times bestsellers Mojo and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


For more than 25 years, Dr. Thomas has been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative concepts and strategies for maximizing organizational and individual potential through Diversity Management. Renowned as a subject matter expert, Dr. Thomas’ revolutionary framework for addressing diversity issues is called the Strategic Diversity Management Process™. He has used this process to provide strategic coaching to a multitude of Fortune 500 corporate executives, non-profit associations, government entities, professional firms, and academic institutions to name a few.


To secure Dr. Thomas as a speaker or corporate coach, contact his office directly at 404-212-0070 or contact his publicist: Betsy Helgager Hughes at BLH Consulting, Inc. ( or 404-688-0415).

To order World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach, please visit:,, or

World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach is co-published by Berrett-Koehler and ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership.