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dex moves to Madison Avenue and lets the world know about it

Date: Apr 24, 2024

dex moves to Madison Avenue and lets the world know about it

Moving back to the future? That’s what the folks from d expósito & Partners apparently had in mind recently, while looking for new headquarters in New York City, and as they finally landed on 400 Madison Avenue, the once emblematic artery that still symbolizes Advertising in America.

“Madison Avenue remains inseparably associated to advertising, “said Daisy Expósito-Ulla, Chairman/CEO of the agency and AAF’s Hall of Fame inductee. “We wanted to bring out that creative energy and unleash it in the crosscultural spirit of the New America.”

To accomplish this, d expósito & Partners has created a spirited campaign with one of its ads loosely based on Mad Men, the 2007 television series created by Matthew Weiner that ran for 92 episodes until 2015.  Based on the advertising world of the sixties, its main character, Don Draper, struggled against the pressures of the ever-changing ad industry. The campaign by d expósito, however, has a twist as a woman is the one running the show on Mad Avenue.

“We thought that for our next step as an agency in this cross-cultural nation,” added Expósito-Ulla, “Madison Avenue could serve as a new metaphor for the shifts that are taking place in what we used to call the mainstream.”

In another ad, the copy asks playfully, Back to Madison Avenue?” And quickly responds, with another question “What were they thinking? The message resolves itself cleverly touting the historic attributes of the avenue that gave birth to some of the greatest ad ideas. It was here too where Expósito-Ulla and some of her partners, like Gloria Constanza and Fernando Fernández, created the largest multicultural agency of all time, and later on founded d expósito.

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