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Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon With The Perfect Personal or Corporate Gift for Families with Young Children

Date: Feb 09, 2024

Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dragon With The Perfect Personal or Corporate Gift for Families with Young Children

One young boy, Joey, and his magical pet dog, Tee.

One exciting and educational nighttime adventure to learn about China!

February 9, 2024:  The Chinese New Year of the Dragon begins tomorrow – February 10 – and is the perfect occasion to share a very special “gift of China” with young children in your lives, or your customers with young children, by giving them the children’s picture book, Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China.

Through the story of a young boy named Joey, and his magical pet dog, Tee, Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China takes children on an exciting adventure to learn about China – including its geography, capital city of Beijing, famous sights (the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall) as well as the many everyday things used around the world that were first invented in China! The story also includes a spoken and written Chinese language lesson to inspire young children to learn and practice Chinese.

There is even a huge dragon on the book’s cover which makes Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China an even more appropriate gift to give children for the Year of the Dragon!

Since the book was published by The Brooklyn Writer’s Press in 2020, it has received a wide variety of accolades and a growing number of reviews by prominent China commentators and customers:

“What a fun and mesmerizing introduction Saul Gitlin has penned for young children to learn about China! While Western adults need to learn more about China’s culture and history as the Middle Kingdom gains more influence on the global community, Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China is the perfect book to launch children on their own journeys to understanding the country that will impact the whole world in a myriad of ways – from culture to trade – in the coming century. I highly recommend this book!”

-Shaun Rein – Founder & CEO – China Market Research Group; Bestselling author of The End of Cheap China, The End of Copycat China, and The War for China’s Wallet. China commentator on CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, National Public Radio, and other global media outlets; Corporate keynote speaker working with organizations worldwide.

“Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China takes children on a whirlwind visit to China to introduce the richness of its language and culture in one magical evening. Narrated in rhyme, and with child-friendly language and brilliant illustrations, the book will capture the imagination of young readers as well as the grown-ups who read with them.”

-Professor Claudia Ross – Chair – Department of Modern Languages and Chinese Program Coordinator, College of The Holy Cross; Past President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) USA.

“Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China is a magical and entertaining first introduction to China for English-speaking children, with a practical side. Young readers are introduced to a broad range of information about the country’s culture and geography, and offered a first lesson in Mandarin. We learn that it’s not that difficult to learn to speak Chinese, and with China’s heritage of invention bringing us things like paper and umbrellas maybe the country has never been “that far away.”

-Mark Rowswell (a.k.a. “Dashan” 大山) – National Media & Entertainment Celebrity in China; Canada – China Goodwill Ambassador.

For more information, to read reviews, and to order Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China, visit the Amazon link below, or any other book e-commerce website:


If you would like to have the book’s author personally inscribe a copy of the book for your child, you can contact him directly at:

Saul Gitlin

About Saul Gitlin — Author, Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China

Saul Gitlin, who holds two degrees in Chinese Studies from Cornell and Yale, and an MBA from Columbia, was among the earliest American students to study in China shortly after the US and China normalized diplomatic relations in 1979. He subsequently lived and worked in China for almost a decade from the mid-1980s through the 1990s and has since continued to specialize in China-related business development throughout his long professional career. Fluent in both spoken and written Chinese, Gitlin is also a widely recognized, quoted, and published expert in international, multicultural, and multilingual communications focused on Asian populations, and previously spent 20 years of his career leading agencies in senior strategy and management roles within publicly traded global communications holding companies, including The WPP Group/Young & Rubicam, and the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG).

About Zhuo Guang Li — Illustrator, Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China

Zhuo Guang Li is an award-winning New York-based artist, illustrator, and photographer. Born and raised in China prior to immigrating to the US, he leverages his deep bi-cultural perspectives to bring to life the characters and story in Tee-Dog and The Magic Globe: China.