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Bold Culture Announces Release of New Insights Platform “Culture Hub,” a Free Subscription-based Media-Tech Platform

Date: Mar 17, 2021

Build a More Authentic Understanding of Your Audiences At The Click of A Button

“Culture Hub to help guide day-to-day actions & cultural awareness of professionals across the media and tech industries”

[BROOKLYN, NY] – Bold Culture, a multicultural communication & management consulting firm, announced the release of a new insights platform “Culture Hub,” a subscriber-based media-tech platform that provides data-driven and contextual multicultural insights to marketing, media, advertising, and technology practitioners early 2020. Culture Hub includes consumer intelligence and talent recruitment/retention insights around the Black, Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities across their generations and free subscriptions are available now. The platform is an extension of Bold Culture’s previously released print/digital reports “The Black Paper” (2018) and “La Mosaica Latinx” (2019). 

In response to years-long conversations with various marketing strategists, creative teams, talent managers and recruiters, Bold Culture built Culture Hub to help guide day-to-day actions of individuals who are looking to build a more authentic understanding of the audiences who are becoming the majority of consumers in the U.S, with an expansive global influence. 

The new digital hub is home to continuously-updated insights. In Q2 2021 Bold Culture will release thematic editions that house exclusive studies and various other benefits only available to Culture Hub+ subscribers, a premium feature of the existing Culture Hub platform. “The focus will remain on highlighting the nuances and subcultures within diverse cultures across their generations,” said Bold Culture’s founder and CEO, Darren Martin Jr.  

Here’s what type of content subscribers can expect from Culture Hub:

Consumer Impact: Focuses on the impact the Black, Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities have as influential consumers or leaders in the market through buying power, voice influence, and more.  

Culture & Community: Gain insight on key cultural practices, influencers, leaders, creators, and media companies across various LGBTQIA communities and generations that will help you connect with consumers authentically in your next campaign.

Industry Representation & Solutions: Discover how to attract, retain and create inclusive practices for LGBTQIA talent within the industry and learn from diverse executives making strides in their respective industries.




Bold Culture is a multicultural communication & management consulting firm founded in 2018. Its work helps storytellers build more inclusive stories for diverse audiences and assists managers in creating more inclusive work environments that reduce attrition. Bold Culture is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Streamlined Media & Communications (SMC) 


Streamlined Media & Communications is an integrated marketing agency founded in 2016. Its focus is on connecting organizations to cultures across their generations through thoughtful, well-produced ideas. Its services focus areas include: management and marketing consulting, creative development, digital marketing, and media investment. SMC is an NMSDC and NYC Certified Minority Business.

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