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ASIANICITY™ Storyboards: Learn how Asians Differ by Acculturation

Date: Jul 28, 2022


Today, over 19 million Asian-Americans live in the U.S. and they will reach more than 22 million by 2026. For marketers, this is great news, but to really target this audience with the personalization they desire, you will have to understand what makes them unique.

Learn why you should not be marketing to all Asian Americans in the same way!

Achieve better marketing results by tailoring your messaging and promotions to Asian consumers in language, in culture and in the channels they prefer.

With Claritas Asianicity™ CultureCodes® consumer segmentation system, you can create consumer profiles or personas by acculturation segment to effectively tailor messaging, promotions, as well as products & services to the specific wants, needs, language usage and cultural practices of the diverse Asian market.

Download Claritas’ Asianicity Storyboards and see how we leveraged our CultureCodes for a deeper understanding of the demographics, financial product usage, as well as the shopping and media behaviors of each Asian acculturation segment (AA1 through AA5).

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about how to reach Asian Acculturation Segments with Claritas’ Multichannel Campaign Executions.
Beyond identification of Asian acculturation segments, Claritas can also handle your entire multichannel campaign execution across key channels including email, social, display and direct mail, OR we can deliver your audiences to our vast network of 70+ channel, platform and agency partners.
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about how your campaign is working with Asian Acculturation Segments.
And lastly, our multichannel measurement and attribution features near real-time analytics and advanced modeling capabilities to help determine the true impact of media, measure lift by channel or audience, to measure how multichannel campaigns are contributing to online and offline conversions.
With Claritas, you’ll know more every step of the way, so you can make more informed decisions and drive better ROI.
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