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“Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer: How Brands Can Help Eliminate Racial Inequality” Webinar Feb 18th 12 CST

Date: Jan 28, 2021

Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer, Part 3: How Brands Can Help Eliminate Racial Inequality

The journey towards change can be steep and difficult. From the devastating effects of the pandemic to the blatant examples of police brutality and systemic racism we watched play out from our homes, we were all transformed by what we saw. And, for many of us, those events brought to light a truth that was hard to grapple with…What America is today is different than the America we want to be. We left 2020 with hope for a plan to eradicate the virus and an expectation for dramatic change in racial inequality in this country.

With the calls for change continuing, we believe it is important to keep the experiences of the Black community at the forefront. As we celebrate Black History Month, we will reconnect with our panelists from two of our most sought-after live discussions, “Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer.”

During this moderated conversation, you’ll learn about:
•   Their current views and personal experiences on the realities of being Black in America today amid the global pandemic
•   Their reflections on the impact of the social movement triggered by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other members of the Black community
•   Their outlook on recent political shifts and the impact they anticipate for the Black community as a whole
•   Reactions to what companies/brands are doing and have done to change the narrative and show allyship with the Black community

•   Opinions around what’s still left to be done including how companies/brands can support and elevate the Black community