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Share Names Executive Director to Lead Industry Activation

Date: Sep 01, 2020


Howard University Graduate and The Deep Dive Host

Philip L. McKenzie Named Executive Director of

Cultural Anthropologist and On Influence and Influencers Columnist to Spearhead MediaVillage’s Growth Through Education and Diversity Initiatives

NEW YORK, NY (September 1, 2020) ─ “The future is increasingly being driven by a knowledge-based economy that is inherently intangible. In other words, it is invisible. The most powerful forces are the ones we can’t see, yet they act on our future in powerful ways.” Prescient words from a keynote Philip L. McKenzie presented at the Digital Marketing Conference in Moscow in 2019. Who knew that invisible would mean so much more in 2020?

Not so invisible will be a new role that the cultural anthropologist, strategist, and host of the culture and insights podcast, The Deep Dive, will assume. McKenzie (pictured), who has been writing the On Influence and Influencers column for MediaVillage since 2017, is joining the education and intelligence company as Executive Director of MediaVillage and founder Jack Myers made the announcement today.

“Since the launch of and the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors in 2017, our mantra has been Advancing Diversity from Advocacy to Activism,” said Myers. “Phil will drive our extensive plans forward and coordinate with our member companies and supporters so we can continue to advance the industry beyond talk to action with his results-driven leadership.”

McKenzie’s responsibilities to identify opportunities and facilitate plans for growth and expansion of include:
·       Further establishing and maintaining a voice of diversity leadership in the media community for and MediaVillage.
·       Facilitating the relationship with the beneficiaries of the Advancing Diversity Education Fund and members.
·       Coordinating with D&I leaders serving on the Advancing Diversity Council and in the media, advertising and marketing community.
·       Representing with educational institutions, relevant organizations and industry trade associations.
·       Supporting publication of relevant content at the site, including 1stFive, WomenAdvancingLegends & LeadersAge of Aging and The Future of Men.
·       Collaborating on the expansion of Advancing Diversity initiatives and events, including the 1stFive Experience, WomenAdvancing Dual Mentoring Programs, Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors induction, online continuing course curriculum, College Professor of Practice program, and events.
·       Assisting in identifying inductees and coordinating the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors program for January 2021 and beyond.
·       Continuing to write his On Influence and Influencers regular feature column at MediaVillage.

·       As a speaker and writer, establishing a powerful and relevant voice of diversity and inclusion leadership on behalf of the media, advertising and marketing community.

“For years Jack has been way ahead of the curve educating the media industry on the importance of diversity and education by building a vast toolkit of resources,” commented McKenzie. “Jack has laid an incredible foundation that in this moment, in this infection point both economically and socially, we have a real powerful opportunity to make a difference. I am proud to be part of the future of this important work by joining MediaVillage in this pivotal role leading”

As a cultural anthropologist, brand strategist, and public speaker, McKenzie uses his expertise in culture spaces to advise organizations on how to best thrive in an increasingly challenging and uncertain environment. His work has placed him at the center of understanding the significance of culture as a reflection of shared values and thereby making the invisible visible. An accomplished DJ under the name 9 Is Water, the Brooklynite is also working on his first book, There Are No Shortcuts: The Revolutionaries Guide to the Future.

Prior to hosting The Deep Dive podcast, McKenzie founded the global Influencer Conference; co-hosted the Two Dope Boys & A Podcast, an irreverent take on politics, pop culture, consciousness, and current events of the day; founded FREE men’s magazine and FREE DMC, a multicultural marketing agency. He spent seven years as an equity trader at Goldman Sachs after earning an MBA in Finance from the Duke University Fuqua School of Business and a BBA, Finance minor in Philosophy from Howard University.

Myers recently published a call to action to the media industry titled “Black Leaders Matters: Four Immediate Actions to End Systemic Bias in the Media Business.” Also, part of initiatives is the previously announced Media Industry Advancing Diversity Education Fund.

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About Jack Myers:
For more than 40 years, MediaVillage founder Jack Myers has been singularly dedicated to identifying, developing, and introducing solutions to the challenges confronting media companies. As the world’s leading media ecologist, he’s a noted expert on generational and gender shifts, the impact of technological advances on business economics, and the dynamics of business growth and decline. His background includes executive roles at CBS Television, ABC Radio, Metromedia Outdoor, Television Production Partners, and UTV Cable Network.