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ADMERASIA and Getty Images Announce Campaign to Authentically Represent Asian Americans

Date: May 09, 2022
<!– Admerasia: We're an &agency –> ADMERASIA and Getty Images Announce Campaign to Authentically Represent Asian Americans

ADMERASIA and Getty Images Announce Campaign to Authentically Represent Asian Americans

Image galleries and guidelines aim to educate and empower brands on their journey to genuinely visualize the Asian American community

(New York, NY) — ADMERASIA, a full-service marketing and advertising agency with 25 years of Asian marketing experience, has announced today that they are launching visual guidelines with accompanying image galleries in collaboration with Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace. These guidelines aim to educate and encourage brands, agencies and other organizations to build powerful and earnest connections with Asian American markets.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., with 22 million people crafting the story of America. Yet, this population continues to be underrepresented and misrepresented in visual media. Many ethnicities inside the Asian American demographic find themselves underrepresented. For instance, though the Filipinx population comprises 19% of Asian Americans, it is only represented in 2% of most popular visuals featuring Asian people. Visuals in media and advertising campaigns often reflect stereotypes and reinforce the “model-minority” myth. This is also reflected in Getty Images’ most popular visuals, where Asian Americans are more than 10 times as likely to be shown in white collar/professional occupations than blue collar or service sector jobs. Only 4% are shown doing creative hobbies, such as music or dance.

The cost of these disparities and discrepancies is high. Trust and loyalty in these markets have remained elusive. According to a Morning Consult survey, “Roughly 3 in 5 (62%) Asian Americans said they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ see people who look like they do in advertising materials.” That perspective is higher than Hispanic Americans (41%) and Black Americans (32%).

The ongoing crisis of hate crimes and violent attacks targeting Asian Americans, fueled by anti-Asian sentiment, has added urgency to addressing this issue. Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that tracks hate incidents targeting Asian American Pacific Islander populations since the beginning of the pandemic, has recorded an upward trend in incident reports, with 4,632 in 2020 and 6,273 in 2021.

ADMERASIA recognizes that much of this anti-Asian sentiment is embedded in the media and advertising industry’s portrayal of Asian Americans. As two entities that strive to create lasting connections between brands and consumers, this collaboration with Getty Images works to inspire brands, agencies, and creatives to make inclusive visual choices by fueling selection of imagery which is all at once powerful, reflective, and authentic in its depictions of the entire Asian American spectrum—a demographic segment comprised of 20+ ethnicities, each with their own nuanced experiences, perspectives, behaviors, and aspirations.

“Brands and agencies often lack guidance and education on visuals that are genuine to the communities they are aiming to portray, which negatively impacts the way in which Asian Americans are represented. Oftentimes, they do not know where to begin or what tools are available to them. We joined this collaboration to fill this void. These guidelines are a starting point for discussion, to educate and explore respectful and authentic storytelling that speaks to the truth of Asian America. ADMERASIA has decades of experience working to build these connections and further these relationships because it comes from our own deep-rooted identity.” — XiaoHwa Sydney Ng, Cultural Content Director, ADMERASIA

The visual guidelines created in this collaboration will include current data reflecting the Asian American visual landscape, its juxtaposition against the reality of who Asian Americans are, and recommendations on how to build better visual inclusivity.

“Today’s visual culture builds upon a legacy of exclusion and stereotyping that has cast Asian Americans as unassimilable others in the story of this country. Authentic representation of Asian American communities still has a long way to go in marketing and advertising visuals — which provides an important opportunity for us to step in and change the narrative,” said Reya Sehgal, Creative Insights Manager at Getty Images. “That’s why we are using Getty Images’ vast network, breadth of imagery, and visual research to help fuel better visual storytelling about the diverse Asian American communities that remain underrepresented and misrepresented in mainstream content.”

The first phase of this collaboration is live. Getty Images has curated four image galleries containing visuals from contemporary photography to historical and archival footage. Coinciding with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the visual guidelines will be available to download in early May.

For more information, please visit or contact Selina Guo, Vice President of Strategy, ADMERASIA.

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