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About National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) by EIN SOF Communications

Date: Dec 09, 2011

Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) designates October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). 2012 theme: A Strong Workforce is an Inclusive Workforce: What Can YOU Do?Powerful media images shatter myths or reinforce diverse stereotypes. This October, dynamic media illuminates disability-inclusive diversity on large, small and handheld screens, serving as great tools to activate disability awareness dialogue with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Starting October 19 in NY and LA, Fox Searchlight’s critically-acclaimed film The Sessions bursts into theatres. Writer/director with a disability Ben Lewin, captures the transformation of Mark O’Brien (and those around him) ~ a Berkeley-based poet with a disability who spent most of his time in an iron lung. O’Brien consults his Priest about losing his virginity with a sex surrogate – this hysterically funny and poignant film captures Disability Culture, Power & Pride opens wide in November.

Sundance Channel’s audacious reality-show, Push Girls about four women BFFs who use wheelchairs, took the nation by storm and was renewed for a second season. Check out iTunes

ITVS’ documentary Lives Worth Living chronicles four decades of disability rights from WWII disabled veterans to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the world’s first comprehensive civil rights act for citizens with disabilities:

Lives Worth Living and Push Girls are ideal to activate cross-ERGs disability-savvy dialogue.

About EIN SOF Communications, Inc.
Tari Hartman Squire’s EIN SOF Communications, leading strategic marketing, PR and accessible events firm specializing in disability-inclusive diversity and public policy, launched disability strategic and niche marketing with its My Left Foot campaign, and works with Fox Searchlight’s The Sessions; Sundance Channel’s Push Girls; ITVS’ Lives Worth Living; AT&T; Universal Home Entertainment (DVS® DVD of Ray for blind audiences); Mattel/Toys “R” Us launch of Becky®, Barbie’s wheelchair user friend; Bank of America, AOL, Microsoft, Macy’s, Nickelodeon, and HP.  EIN SOF, a GSA Federal Contractor, specializes in Market Research & Analysis. It works with the National Council on Disability with its Help America Vote Act (HAVA), co-creating a questionnaire/report on voters with disabilities, ODEP’s Add Us In grant to increase employment of people with disabilities from historically-excluded communities, co-developed Sector Summits (Entertainment, Healthcare and Financial), and conducted sector field research (entertainment, telecomm, retail, banking and pharmaceutical) for the VA’s Veterans Rehab & Employment Services. Squire co-chairs National Disability Leadership Alliance’s Employment Team and serves on the Diversity Committee of the Television Academy. EIN SOF’s Disability Community Market Research Initiative was featured in AdWeek and Fortune Small Business and Squire advised AP Stylebook on disability-savvy semantics. EIN SOF means business 25/7 to help corporations tap brand-loyal and oft-ignored $220 billion disability market segment. Contact