is the home of Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc (founded by Lisa Skriloff in 1994) and is a marketplace for companies and agencies to find resources, make connections, promote their programs and services and interact with each other and us.

About Multicultural Marketing Resources

Your destination for multicultural marketing directories, content and events.

Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) is a publisher of newsletters, a Calendar of Recommended Multicultural and Diversity Events, a Speakers Showcase and directories online at, a consulting firm to corporations seeking information, and a marketing firm to multicultural agencies seeking visibility and connections. MMR publishes Multicultural Marketing News (MMRNews), an emailed newsletter; The Source Book of Multicultural Experts online and maintains a Speakers Showcase for conferences, ERG events, and corporate meetings. Other services include recruitment consulting, job postings, business introductions and distribution of RFPs. Lisa Skriloff, a consultant and writer on diversity, marketing and travel is President of Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. and founded the company in 1994. She is editor of the above mentioned publications as well as Multicultural Travel News and social media channels. Contact her at or 212-242-3351.

Lisa Skriloff, President of Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. founded the company in 1994. She is a writer, educator, trainer and editor, and the author of an early internet book published in 1997. She is the owner/manager of

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We are also specialists helping your enterprise make the multicultural marketing connections you need now.

What Multicultural Marketing Resources (MMR) Can Do For You

MMR is a public relations agency, marketing firm, publishing company and consulting firm. We help corporations by supplying information on multicultural marketing and diversity tailored to their specific needs; providing referrals to multicultural communications firms (ad agencies, research firms etc.) and helping them publicize multicultural programs and diversity initiatives.

We also work with the nation’s leading firms with expertise in marketing to Hispanic, Asian American, African American, LGBT, and other niche markets helping them gain visibility leading to new business for their companies. We also represent minority- and women-owned businesses and specialize in disseminating multicultural marketing news and advertorials. We connect journalists to diverse sources and experts in multicultural marketing and diversity to interview. MMR publishes Multicultural Marketing News, the multicultural enewsletter, the online directory, The Source Book of Multicultural Experts, a Calendar of Recommended Multicultural and Diversity Events and has established the Multicultural Marketing Resources Reference Library/Knowledge Center, providing resources to advertising, marketing and communications professionals. We offer consulting services to start up and advanced multicultural marketers and, via our Multicultural Speakers Showcase, bring educational programs to corporations, universities and conferences.


Services for Corporate Multicultural Brand Marketers

MMR provides both consulting and free services and resources to help corporate executives plan and carry out multicultural marketing programs to reach Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, the Canadian multicultural market, women, LGBTQ consumers and people with disabilities as well as diversity initiatives.

Free Services:

  • We distribute your RFPs to multicultural ad agencies, research firms, translation companies, ethnic media, multicultural PR firms, diversity consultants, among others
  • View all experts at Experts Directory or use the online Find an Expert search tool
  • We can suggest and connect you with multicultural and diversity speakers for your internal meeting needs (ie marketing dept, ERG events, etc)
  • Free subscription to Multicultural Marketing News emailed to your inbox from
  • We can recommend upcoming multicultural and diversity conferences to attend or sponsor for professional development or to engage with multicultural consumers
  • Phone consultation (Most popular topic: May I pick your brain?)


Consulting Services (Project fee based):

  • Prepare a briefing document on multicultural marketing in your industry, find published articles about competitors
  • Recruitment services and job postings
  • Write and distribute your press releases to the multicultural marketing industry via MMRNews
  • Feature your company in our advertorial products ie Multicultural Marketing News
  • Help secure speaking engagements for you, to raise executive profile
  • Suggest industry awards to enter, write nominations and acceptance speech


Services for Multicultural Expert Agencies and Companies

MMR provides both consulting and free services and resources to help ad agencies, research firms, translation companies, multicultural PR firms, diversity consultants and ethnic media with expertise in the Hispanic, African American, Asian American, Native American and the Canadian multicultural market,  women’s market, LGBTQ consumers and people with disabilities gain visibility for their services leading to business development.

Free Services:

  1. Free subscription to Multicultural Marketing News emailed to your inbox from
  2. Calendar of recommended multicultural conferences and diversity events
  3. Consultation by phone or email about events, the industry, making connections


Advertising Opportunities and Project Services (fee based):

  • Feature your company and logo in the Source Book of Multicultural Experts online in the Experts Directory and receive RFPs and an eblast to MMRNews corporate/industry subscribers
  • Eblast your announcement to 8000 industry subscribers of Multicultural Marketing News
  • Feature your photo and speech titles in our Multicultural/Diversity Speakers Showcase
  • Connect you with conferences and marketers seeking speakers/presenters
  • Introductions by email to connect clients with each other.
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Free Services – Just ask – Contact Us or call 212-242-3351

  • Sending your RFP to agencies, research firms and other multicultural marketing and diversity experts featured on
  • Suggest speakers for your multicultural or diversity conference, event, corporate meetings
  • Suggest experts as sources for journalists to interview
  • Subscription to MMRNews (Multicultural Marketing News)

Consulting Services – Contact Us or call 212-242-3351

  • Request our Candidate Referral Service
  • Distribute RFPs
  • Projects to your specific needs
  • Seeking specific info? Ask Lisa

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