Spira, Lisa

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Lisa Spira, Director of Research and Product Development, Ethnic Technologies
Ph. 866-333-8324 ext. 111 | lspira@ethnictechnologies.com

South Hackensack, NJ

Lisa Spira channels her lifelong passion for names into developing multicultural marketing insights as Director of Research and Product Development at Ethnic Technologies. Lisa joined Ethnic Technologies as a researcher in 2008 based on her credentials as an onomastician and has honed her data analysis toolbox ever since. In her current role, Lisa oversees the research, design, and development of the E-Tech Product Suite and develops the team responsible for these multicultural business insight tools. Lisa holds a degree in linguistics from Syracuse University and previously served on the Executive Council for the American Name Society.

Interested in names? She’s also a baby name consultant and contributor to the primary US-based website for name-related information. Contact her with onomastic inquiries.

Speech Topics and Titles
multicultural marketing
data-driven marketing
targeted marketing
predictive data
naming trends
baby names
names & ethnicity
names & gender
applied linguistics & applied onomastics

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