Katz, Elie Y.

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Elie Y. Katz, President, NRS / National Retail Solutions Inc.
Ph. 800-215-0931 | elie.katz@idt.net

Newark, NJ

Mr. Elie Y. Katz is president of National Retail Solutions, a subsidiary of IDT Corporation. NRS operates a DOOH point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform for independent retailers and bodega owners nationwide. Elie Y. Katz, a dynamic, forward thinking leader in the industry, believes that a strong advertiser-merchant-customer relationship is the key ingredient for retail success. Under Mr. Katz’s leadership, NRS strives to build lucrative relationships between advertisers, merchants and customers.

“CPG providers love the advertising potential of our POS network because it helps promote their products and increases sales. We help bodegas and other small independent urban retailers compete more effectively with bigger box stores and retail chains,” says Mr. Katz. With a keen eye for business, Mr. Katz sees the clear advantages of CPG on-screen point-of-purchase ads.

“We are excited to show how effectively our network can extend marketing reach in the Hispanic and larger multicultural markets. Our program boosts branding awareness and increases sales with proven impressions reaching a targeted audience of loyal customers and merchants. Superior to conventional ad venues, our ad network directly reaches customers while they are checking out at the point of purchase. Not many other companies can proudly vouch that consumers are seeing their ads. Close to 5,000 independent convenience stores already enjoy the benefits of NRS' POS terminal platform," he says.

Mr. Katz has coordinated the creation of multiple service lines including a Point of Sale (POS) system, Cash Advance, and Credit Card Processing services aimed at helping our 50,000 affiliated businesses grow, nationwide. He has also created a loyalty program for IDT’s 5 million+ customers, to reward them for their continued business and promoting long term relationships. Mr. Katz has recruited and built a team of experienced professionals from multiple industries to expedite the growth of NRS.

With years of experience as a forward-thinking leader in the multicultural retail solutions industry, Elie Y. Katz has been a guest lecturer and panel moderator at conferences, trade shows and other events. He is also a frequently sought-after speaker at government and township-sponsored events and charity fundraisers.

Speech Topics and Titles
“Motivating Growth to Build a Better Tomorrow”
“Marketing Without Borders”
“Diversity and the Global Economy”
“Customer Relationships and Technology; A Team Effort”
“Our Community; A Retail Symbiosis of Merchants, Customers and Heart”
“Broadening the Niche; From Local Communities to a Global Marketplace”
“The Power of Collaboration”
“Staying Connected; Families Across Continents”

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