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About The Multicultural Marketing Resources Reference Library/Knowledge Center and Consulting Services

The Multicultural Marketing Resources Reference Library/Knowledge Center serves as a resource for new and experienced marketers whose companies target, or help others target, the Hispanic, Asian American, African American, women, gay/lesbian, people with disabilities, and other cultural markets.

Our consulting clients have used our services to:

  • Ghostwrite an internal corporate Power Point presentation, "Making the Business Case for Multicultural Marketing"
  • Find background information on an industry and company in advance of a presentation
  • Provide a suggested list of ethnic professional organizations with events to sponsor

MMR Capabilities PPT - for sample projects MMR Capabilities PPT - for sample projects (996 KB)

The Library houses in-depth background information on each market as well as relevant articles and information on best practices. Statistical data on specific ethnic and cultural groups, Census and demographic information, books on the current trends in multicultural marketing, and studies on consumer buying habits and buying power are also available.

MMR staff performs tailored secondary research projects that meet the precise needs of consulting clients. These projects provide comprehensive insight into best practices and trends through competitor and new product assessment, customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement and industry and ethnic market studies. Project results are especially useful for use in internal presentations, pitching new business; obtaining background information for speeches, presentations and articles, and researching business prospects and competition within the multicultural marketing industry. Companies who have used our consulting services include recruiters, ad agencies, corporations, media and research firms.

Consulting Services and Library research are performed on an a la carte or membership basis. Assignments of any length are welcomed. Projects are undertaken that may require 15 minutes of our time to hours or weeks and these are charged at an hourly fee or project rate. Memberships are offered at varying usage levels on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. With your company membership any person from your team may assign us a task, whether they call with a quick question to be answered right away or with a request that involves information gathering and writing.

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To initiate a request please fill out this form or send an email to or contact Lisa Skriloff, President, MMR at, 212-242-3351.

Consulting Services / Research Project Examples

Here are some examples of inquires we have received seeking MMR consulting help:

Research/Prepare/ghostwrite a Powerpoint presentation of 10 Slides

Instructions to MMR: Create PowerPoint with the following  information backing our 2020 African American Strategy (If there’s anything additional regarding AA consumers and marketing efforts from other companies hat you find insightful, please feel free to share that information as well.)

  1. State of the consumer – AA
  2. Competitive analysis - An analysis across both our category and emerging competitors
  3. Test and Learn Opportunities

From Corporations:

  1. Our project is about launching a product for homeowners in the Spanish dominant Hispanic market. Basically we are targeting Homeowners and a/c Contractors. What grass root community events can you suggest? Sponsorships?
  2. What initiatives do the top US banks have in terms of reaching African Americans, Asian Americans and the gay/lesbian market?
  3. What conventions bureaus in the North East have initiatives to target African Americans?

From Public Relations Firms:

  1. We are currently in need of a celebrity mom. The following is the criteria we are looking for in our ethnic spokespeople: must be a mother and have used our product, not celebrity status (charging no more than approx $2,000 for a day's event,) Hispanic/ African American/ Asian candidates, in a profession with mass media appeal, not just ethnic niche appeal (while the candidates are diverse, they should appeal to all consumers,) recent professional activity, whether a business or book published that relates to parenting, particularly with infant/ toddler. I appreciate any insight you can provide.

From Ethnic Media:

  1. I am on a mission to seek and find a listing of multicultural brand managers at major brands across the country. I have looked everywhere I can think of. Do you have any insights or guidance?
  2. Here's what I'm looking for: brands that target adults and families rather than hip, urban; Looking for brands that target African-American marketplace, brands that target Hispanic marketplace; Specific areas of interest: cars and trucks, packaged goods, restaurants, beers and beverages, places, appliances, consumer electronics but only things like TVs, home entertainment centers....banking, insurance, healthcare.
  3. I need your help/direction ASAP - I am working on a timely new project. I was asked to quickly spearhead a brand involvement/partnership/campaign with this artist/songwriter who has been bubbling under and over. Can you give me an hour's worth of research on the following: Who do you think would be interested? and...Who can act quickly? I would need this info turned around really fast (Monday before noon central.)

From Research Companies:

  1. What major research has been done in emerging markets? What seminar subjects have been addressed in emerging markets? What are the areas of greatest need for research in emerging markets? What types of seminars generate the most excitement in the in emerging markets. We want this study to yield some profound and useful insights so would be grateful for your guidance up front.

Recruitment Research:

  1. My company is moving forward with the hiring of a position to focus on the Hispanic market. That it will be a director level position reporting directly to the chief marketing officer. Can you provide any insight or direction on: job descriptions, potential search points; any other ideas or comments would be helpful.
  2. We are searching for a VP Multicultural Marketing for our company. Please send information on MMR and your database and services, so I can pass along to my Knowledge Management person for review.

Corporate Request For a Ghostwritten Presentation:

Please provide answers to all the following questions to be used in a power point presentation I am developing for an internal meeting:

Multicultural Marketing Business Case

  • The business case for multicultural marketing
  • What stats exist on the relative ROI or incremental sales impact from "multicultural" marketing initiatives, vs general population efforts

Trends and Projections

  • What are the key demographic and population trends (including birth rates)
  • Buying Power
  • What are the various sub-segments that comprise the various groups...Latino, Asian, African American
  • Acculturation trends
  • Are there any significant skews...ex. Younger skews, older skews etc.

Best Practices

  • Who is doing "multicultural marketing"...(Examples across several categories in HBA, OTC, Pharma, Retail, Trade, Financial Services etc)
    • What are best practices in multicultural marketing (in general).
    • What are the key essentials to developing a successful multicultural marketing strategy.
    • Give examples of companies who have been successful in this arena. Why were they successful. What are some good case studies.
    • Which companies have not been successful . Why ? What are some common mistakes to avoid.
    • What are the metrics that have been used to measure effectiveness
    • Do many best practice companies have dedicated multicultural departments
  • What are best practices for marketing to Latinos, African American, and Asian segments. Provide examples and/or case studies. What have been keys to success
  • In our industry who is doing it well. Provide examples of what is being done. What are close-in competitors doing in the area of multicultural marketing (non-proprietary). Do they have dedicated groups.

Consumer Insights

  • Attitudes, Core Values, Cultural Insights, Purchasing/Shopping Behavior [Latino, African American, Asian]. What are some key differences and similarities vs. general population
    • General information and where possible information related to industry
  • What is the responsiveness to various marketing tactics (couponing, internet, online shopping, pharmacist and physician efforts, targeted direct mail etc, advertising, bi-lingual packaging.)


  • "Expert" Speakers and Presenters on Marketing to Latino, African American and Asian segments
  • A few contacts at companies who head multicultural marketing departments and who might be open to sharing their learning with us. (We're interested in it more from the marketing angle)

African American Marketing

  • 3-5 of the best agencies or groups in this area. Must have a proven track record of success with major and smaller brands/businesses. [Advertising, Promotions, 360 degree marketing, community building, strategic alliances]. Provide contact information

Research Companies

  • 3-5 top-notch consumer research companies with expertise in conducting custom research on the African American Market. Expertise in Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Must be organizations with sophisticated research capabilities. Proven track record of handling both large and small-case studies. Provide contact information.


  • Three to five conferences on Multicultural Marketing that you think would be good to attend