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Multicultural Travel News newsletter (MTN) covers travel news of interest to ethnic and niche travelers and those who market to them. We write about destinations that interest multicultural travelers or have outreach campaigns to travelers of Hispanic, African American, Asian American and other cultural backgrounds; women; LGBT travelers and people with disabilities.
Multicultural Travel News is also written for leisure and business travelers looking for what to see and do and for marketing executives interested in ideas, best practices and the business case for targeting so-called "minority" travelers. We cover cities and countries, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, convention and visitor bureaus, tour operators and other travel marketers with a multicultural angle. Multicultural Travel news is written and edited by Lisa Skriloff.

Dare to Detour Announces One-Day, Transformative Retreat For Women, Bozeman, Montana, March 24th

For the first time, Dare to Detour invites women to take a personal, One-Day Detour at Firelight Farm in Bozeman, Montana on March 24th, 2019. Dare to Detour, the lifestyle brand dedicated to encouraging women to develop a confident, uplifted, and empowered approach to life’s opportunities and challenges, announces its first one-day retreat for women. Held in a breathtaking 100-year old barn on Firelight Farm, just outside of Bozeman, the one-day retreat invites women to take a detour from the everyday, discover something new, and reconnect to a part of themselves that they might have set aside as the responsibilities of life took over – all while surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of Montana’s wilderness. Modeled after Dare to Detour’s popular annual multi-day retreat, hosted near Bozeman at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, this inaugural one-day event will feature a range of experiences that revolve around the theme of “Abundance vs Scarcity: What do you need to Stop, Start & Continue to live more abundantly?” “After the success of our multi-day retreat, we’re so excited to be bringing women a new, one-day Dare experience,” said Dare to Detour founder Sheryl Ott. Dare to Detour aims to create a movement of women daring themselves to step out of their day-to-day realities to reconnect with their authentic, raw selves. The brand’s goal is to provide women with renewed perspective and the support needed to recognize their strength to engage, resilience to overcome, and capability to create – their courage to be. Additional information about Dare to Detour can be found here.