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Multicultural Travel News newsletter (MTN) covers travel news of interest to ethnic and niche travelers and those who market to them. We write about destinations that interest multicultural travelers or have outreach campaigns to travelers of Hispanic, African American, Asian American and other cultural backgrounds; women; LGBT travelers and people with disabilities.
Multicultural Travel News is also written for leisure and business travelers looking for what to see and do and for marketing executives interested in ideas, best practices and the business case for targeting so-called "minority" travelers. We cover cities and countries, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, convention and visitor bureaus, tour operators and other travel marketers with a multicultural angle. Multicultural Travel news is written and edited by Lisa Skriloff.

Cultural Immersion Tours in Belize with the San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Belize is recognized for its biodiversity, distinctive ecosystems and celebrating a variety of cultures. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Belize offers many activities that allow for visitors to immerse themselves into the culture through local tours. A San Ignacio town tour will provide you with an overview of the city and the famous farmers market. It is the ideal way to kick off your trip and become familiar with the area. The Maya Women’s Community Tour offers an opportunity to observe this group’s way of daily life as you cook tortillas and create pottery alongside them. The Mennonite Community Tour teaches participants about their role in providing Belize with a variety of agriculture products, as they live simply like the Amish. As cacao is a staple crop of the country, AJAW Chocolates offers an experience to take part in the chocolate making process from start to finish, allowing you to taste the product at each stage in the process. You can then go back to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and do a chocolate scrub while you relax and learn the medicinal purposes of cacao. For reservations and more information on San Ignacio Resort Hotel and their cultural immersion tours visit or call 855-488-2624.