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K. Fernandez & Associates: We'll hit the Hispanic Consumer at their Cultural Sweet Spot for Big Returns

K. Fernandez & Associates is a Hispanic and multicultural marketing communications partner reaching the new face of America in all of its diversity and complexity. Our media-neutral integrated, in-culture approach reaches consumers at critical areas of interaction.  We are passionate believers that a deep understanding of the consumer, the marketplace and your brand is essential in uncovering the key product attributes in order to drive your sales. We offer in-depth category experience in Financial Services, Packaged Goods, Retail, Food & Beverage, Kids Marketing, Healthcare, Energy and Telecommunications. Ranked in the top 50 U.S. Hispanic agencies by Ad Age and were also honored with 11 International Hermes awards in 2012. Let's talk big ideas over margaritas! Contact Karla Fernandez Parker at 210-614-1052 or at or visit for more information today!  Read more >>

LatinoEyes®, a division of C+R Research: To Market to the Latino Market, You Need to Understand Them

LatinoEyes® is the research consultancy division of C+R Research specializing in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. The LatinoEyes® team is made up of knowledgeable researchers with over 20 years of experience who have a deep understanding of both U.S. and Latino cultures, and advanced quantitative and qualitative skills. With expertise in a wide variety of markets spanning from consumer packaged goods to banking and retail, they offer cutting-edge technologies, as well as the best methods for researching and gaining insights into the U.S. Hispanic market. Contact Brenda Hurley, Senior Vice President, C+R Research, or 312.828.9200.  Read more >>

The South Asian Times - The Quintessential Newspaper for the South Asian Communities

The South Asian Times heralds quality, ethics and objectivity in journalism, and is a trendsetter among information outlets. The South Asian Times is the voice of Indian Diaspora. It is the one publication that nudges this accomplished group to reach greater heights and to connect with their roots. Based on its credo of Excellence in Journalism and value-based content, advertising, and display, this weekly paper brings rich heritage, piercing objectivity, humble intellect, and truthful reporting to the vibrant South Asian communities of North America. Headquartered in New York, this acclaimed publication has maintained an immaculate reputation of a family oriented, coffee table newspaper of affluent households of Indian communities. For more information contact Arjit Mehta, President, at 516-390-7847 or Visit  Read more >>

Interviewing Service of America (ISA): Over 30 Years of Delivering High Quality Data Collection

ISAISA is one of America's largest marketing research data collection and data reporting companies. ISA has 400 CATI positions in the US .  ISA is also the industry leader in multicultural data collection having conducted interviews in 67 languages. On-line interviewing and sample , IVR interviewing and complete data processing, including coding, programming and translations are available.  Through our Q-insights division we also conduct face to face intercept interviews, qualitative studies and executive interviewing. We have extensive experience in reaching hard to reach ethnic groups such as Hispanics and Asians. QI has two focus group facilities in Southern California and nationwide recruiting capabilities. For more information contact Michael Halberstam (PRC), President, 818-989-1044, Visit   Read more >>

Castells: ROI-Powered Ideas Fuel Everything We Do

Castells & Asociados is a top-echelon national Hispanic marketing agency for ROI-powered ideas and business integration, with a fully integrated range of digital to traditional services.  Led by dynamic founding President and Stanford MBA Liz Castells, we maintain our core focus on strategic client leadership and business ROI growth with analytics, segmentation, trending, first-in-kind thinking, cultural creative targeting, strategic added value, and dual-language activation. Known as the architects of TransculturationTM, Castells guides clients to address and integrate Hispanic into all the P's for seamless transcultural activation. We link all the pieces for ethnic success, integrated across disciplines, departments and partners for one client goal. We're a hands-on place run with energy, heart and candor, free of egos, layers or borders, and have the advantage of a mix of seasoned lifers and young blood. To find out more, visit our website at or contact Cynthia Correa at 213-688-7032, Read more >>

Hispanidad: Hispanic Marketing Expertise in the Heartland

Hispanic marketing is no longer something that's "nice" for a company to do. It's become a business imperative as the spending power of Latinos continues to grow at an explosive rate. This critical consumer market is a complex segment characterized by different generations, diverse countries of origin, and assorted levels of acculturation and language preference. It is unrealistic to expect a single strategy to work for the entire Hispanic consumer market. To reach and influence these consumers takes insight, familiarity, strategy, and creative ability. It takes the right agency: an agency like Hispanidad. At Hispanidad, we offer an experienced, integrated team of Hispanic marketing professionals dedicated to putting the right accent on your marketing so it generates a positive, and profitable, response. A team with the creative talent and comprehensive solutions to get you in, get you noticed, and get you results. Contact Laura Sonderup, Managing Director, at 303-239-5235 or For more information, visit Read more >>

Power Media Group - Not Just Another Hispanic Advertising Agency

Hispanic-owned Power Media Group (PMG) is a public relations and advertising agency specializing in creating and implementing all-inclusive Spanish language campaigns that help businesses build lasting relationships with the Latino community. In August 2012, PMG received U.S. Government Registrations & Certifications in four different categories (SBA, D&B, CCR, and ORCA) that will advance the company's growth into the expanding bilingual business world. In addition to traditional campaigns, PMG utilizes innovative grassroots media campaigns that are designed to reach out to the booming Hispanic population that contributes more than $1 trillion to the U.S. economy annually. The agency has won multiple awards and recognitions for its work including 2010 and 2011 ADDY Awards for Excellence in the Website Design and Local Radio categories. Also, in 2010, PMG won the United States Small Business Administration Minority Small Business Champion of the Year Award. The company's clients include Universal Music Latin and Creativa Interiors Primor. To further strengthen its commitment to the multicultural market, in 2011 principals Patricia and Tony Gracia launched the Power Woman Business Center, a non-profit 501 c3 business incubator that reaches out to diverse entrepreneurs who are trying to develop and grow their businesses during these precarious economic times. For more information contact Patricia Gracia at, 661-505-1009 or visit Read more >>

Ethnic Technologies, LLC - Hispanic Insight

Ethnic Technologies, LLC, a business solutions provider is the platinum standard in multicultural marketing. The result of over 40 years of continuous ethnic, religious and language preference research, E-TECH allows clients to segment their database by ethnicity, religion, language preference and Hispanic country of origin more accurately and comprehensively than any other approach. The EthniCenter® offers an Assimilation Index, which distinguishes Hispanic individuals based on their ability to speak their Native Language or understand the language of their prevailing culture. E-TECH incorporates a unique approach for the different Hispanic Countries of Origin. After identifying their specific names, E-Tech does a neighborhood analysis using multi-sourced information compiled from our research team. From that data, E-TECH is able to accurately identify the Hispanic individuals' Country of Origin. The incorporation of Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) technology in E-TECH Version 8.0 establishes a new and unprecedented level of granularity and completeness in the ethnic marketing industry. The analytics department at E-TECH offers ethnic data appending services and multicultural site analysis reports to provide businesses with an overview of new and existing markets. Contact Candace M. Kennedy-Hess, Sales and Marketing Director at 866-333-8324 ext. 106. Visit Read more >>

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications: Creating Winning Solutions for Clients

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L) is a marketing and PR firm that creates winning solutions for its clients by connecting brands and businesses. L2L's team brings more than 80 years of combined "hands on" experience with in-culture marketing expertise in Health, Education, Entertainment among other sectors. The impressive client roster includes leading organizations such as The Mount Sinai Hospital, Scholastic, and PBS. Recently, L2L launched the proprietary Latin Ready Assessment™, an online tool that evaluates how prepared organizations are to address the rapidly growing Latino market. The results of the assessment allow L2L to provide organizations with a holistic, qualitative and quantitative look at their Latino DNA and ability to successfully market to the Latino audience. Learn more at Read more >>

PM Publicidad Helps Clients Gain Customers by Building Brand Preference Among Hispanics

At PM Publicidad we offer integrated advertising services that allow our clients to transform Hispanic consumers into a loyal customers. Our full service philosophy allows us to produce campaigns across multiple platforms and employ the appropriate tactics for each segment. The PM WaySM is a proprietary process we use to gather and interpret the insights needed to tell culturally relevant brand stories and help clients create lasting bonds with Latino consumers.  From offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Newport Beach, California we help clients understand the U.S. Hispanic segment as it relates to their businesses. Then we create programs that use marketing, advertising and "operational readiness" initiatives to build long-term relationships with Hispanics.  Ergo: brand preference. PM Publicidad has particularly specialized category expertise in areas including Aftermarket Automotive, Telecommunications, Cable Television, Sports Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, and Long-format Video Production. For more information contact Eduardo Perez, President at or visit   Read more >>