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Xoom Corporation, a Global Online Money Transfer Service, Introduces Bank-to-Bank ULTRA

ULTRA is a higher-tiered, supreme level of service from that provides confirmed bank deposits in less than one hour. Xoom customers can deposit money in one of the selected bank services deemed Bank-to-Bank ULTRA, and that money will be available for withdrawal in minutes during partner bank processing hours. Customers will receive confirmation that the transaction has been completed via email - at no additional fees. John Kunze, President and CEO of Xoom Corporation says: "Although all of Xoom's bank deposit services are excellent, some are so fast that they feel almost magical.  At Xoom, we're calling these services Bank-to-Bank ULTRA."   Kunze added that if an ULTRA deposit takes more than one hour, the customer can request a coupon for the value of the service fee on their next transfer. Bank-to-Bank ULTRA is available in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Mexico and several countries throughout Central and Latin America. You can learn more about Bank-to-Bank ULTRA by clicking on this link: or contacting Read more >>

TV Globo International Signs Agreement with GlobeCast to Join its MyGlobeTV™ Platform

TV Globo International has signed an agreement with GlobeCast, a leading provider of media management and global content delivery services, to join its MyGlobeTV™ platform. Globo offers both the Brazilian and Portuguese communities' quality entertainment that the entire family can enjoy. Globo is Brazil's number one television channel, airing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Broadcast exclusively in Portuguese, programming includes dramas, news, comedy, documentaries, music, variety shows, sports and more. With the addition of Globo, MyGlobeTV has gone from a niche offering to a truly global platform.  The platform offers a wide channel lineup that includes 17 channels serving the Brazilian, Portuguese and Romanian communities.  MyGlobeTV is the newest distribution platform offered by GlobeCast in the Americas. For more information visit the product website at For information on distributing your content on MyGlobeTV  please contact our Consumer Video Products and Services team at Read more >>

Rola Kimmerling Associates/RK Hispánica: 25 Years of Marketing Experience to the General and Hispanic Market

Rola Kimmerling Associates/RK Hispánica is a multicultural advertising agency located in New York City that has been in business since 1987. That's 25 years of marketing experience to the General and Hispanic market. We understand how to target the Spanish-dominant as well as the bilingual and English-dominant Hispanic. Whether it is TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Events and of course, Online Promotions, we provide our clients with culturally relevant advertising programs that will connect consumers to their brand. We are happy to announce that we have just been chosen by Publishers Clearing House as consultants for their Online Hispanic efforts. Our philosophy is to partner with clients in any advertising promotion. They know their business and we help them find the marketing solution that will bring success. That may just be the reason why our biggest client, has been with us for over 20 years. For more information contact Pam Kimmerling-Hoveling, President, 917-513-1506 or Visit   Read more >>

Cozumel Films Now Represents Cantinflas and Offers Animated "Cantinflas & Friends" TV Series for Sale

Cozumel Films, a California based film distributor, announces that it now represents Mario Moreno Reyes known professionally as Cantinflas, in all aspects of image & likeness. Cozumel Films has also acquired the TV and merchandising rights to the half hour animated series "Cantinflas & Friends" now available for sale in English and Spanish to companies and individuals interested in the Latino market. Cantinflas, a Mexican comic film actor and producer, came to be associated with the national identity of Mexico and became an icon in Latino culture and history. "Cantinflas & Friends," well known among many Mexican- American generations, is an ideal bonding experience for the whole family. Cozumel Films is interested in working with Hispanic and Latin American market agencies and other companies who would like to use "Cantinflas & Friends" or Cantinflas in advertising and brand related communications. A leader in all aspects of home entertainment with clients such as Walmart, Target and Amazon, Cozumel Films strives to bring attention to the great stars from the golden age of Mexican cinema. For more information about Cozumel Films and "Cantinflas & Friends" visit or contact Yolanda Machado at, 818-566-8608 and Margaret Guerra Rogers at, 818-317-9332 Read more >>

CCR Makes Hispanic Marketing Research Easy

Whether it's developing new products and services, refining existing product offerings, or building new marketing and advertising campaigns, senior decision makers across the United States routinely rely upon Creative Consumer Research (CCR) for actionable market insights. With over 20 years of research expertise, specifically focused on Hispanic/Latino consumers and businesses, CCR conducts research for clients nationally, statewide, regionally and locally. Currently CCR has the largest Hispanic Research Department in the state of Texas. CCR offices in Houston and Phoenix offer a variety of research methodologies to interview both acculturated and non-acculturated Hispanics/Latinos. CCR has large conference-style focus group rooms with one-way mirrors and large client viewing rooms for qualitative research. In addition CCR offers taste tests, telephone interviewing, executive surveys, mall intercepts, door-to-door interviewing, mystery shops, store audits, and computer capabilities. Bilingual interviewing, moderators, and translators are also available. CCR also offers project management for multicity projects. Our extensive experience includes a wide range of industries: Health Care, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Retail, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Communications, and Travel, etc. CCR completes over 1,500 research projects annually. Whether you need telephone surveys, internet surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups (large or small), multi-language capabilities etc., our staff of more than 40 full-time market research professionals and 200 interviewers can service your market research needs. For more information contact Patricia Pratt, President, 281-240-9646 or or visit our website at Read more >>

Améredia: How Well Do You Know the Hispanic Market? Take the Challenge and Win a Surprise Prize!

Do you know the growth rate of the Hispanic population from 2010 to 2011? How about the percentage of Hispanics that use their mobile devices to go online? Améredia is kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month by challenging you to a quiz on the Hispanic community. Take it and learn more about the fastest growing ethnic group in the nation. We are giving away a surprise prize to one person that scores among the highest results! Join our social conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and don't forget to tweet using our hash tag #AmerediaQuiz. Améredia is a full-service multicultural advertising agency with a diversity focus encompassing ethnic groups that comprise this nation's cultural mosaic including Hispanics, Asians, Europeans, Africans, Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders and other smaller diverse communities. For more information contact Pascale Downing, Public Relations Coordinator at 415-788-5100 ext. 115 or at Visit Read more >>

K. Fernandez & Associates: We'll hit the Hispanic Consumer at their Cultural Sweet Spot for Big Returns

K. Fernandez & Associates is a Hispanic and multicultural marketing communications partner reaching the new face of America in all of its diversity and complexity. Our media-neutral integrated, in-culture approach reaches consumers at critical areas of interaction.  We are passionate believers that a deep understanding of the consumer, the marketplace and your brand is essential in uncovering the key product attributes in order to drive your sales. We offer in-depth category experience in Financial Services, Packaged Goods, Retail, Food & Beverage, Kids Marketing, Healthcare, Energy and Telecommunications. Ranked in the top 50 U.S. Hispanic agencies by Ad Age and were also honored with 11 International Hermes awards in 2012. Let's talk big ideas over margaritas! Contact Karla Fernandez Parker at 210-614-1052 or at or visit for more information today!  Read more >>

LatinoEyes®, a division of C+R Research: To Market to the Latino Market, You Need to Understand Them

LatinoEyes® is the research consultancy division of C+R Research specializing in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. The LatinoEyes® team is made up of knowledgeable researchers with over 20 years of experience who have a deep understanding of both U.S. and Latino cultures, and advanced quantitative and qualitative skills. With expertise in a wide variety of markets spanning from consumer packaged goods to banking and retail, they offer cutting-edge technologies, as well as the best methods for researching and gaining insights into the U.S. Hispanic market. Contact Brenda Hurley, Senior Vice President, C+R Research, or 312.828.9200.  Read more >>

The South Asian Times - The Quintessential Newspaper for the South Asian Communities

The South Asian Times heralds quality, ethics and objectivity in journalism, and is a trendsetter among information outlets. The South Asian Times is the voice of Indian Diaspora. It is the one publication that nudges this accomplished group to reach greater heights and to connect with their roots. Based on its credo of Excellence in Journalism and value-based content, advertising, and display, this weekly paper brings rich heritage, piercing objectivity, humble intellect, and truthful reporting to the vibrant South Asian communities of North America. Headquartered in New York, this acclaimed publication has maintained an immaculate reputation of a family oriented, coffee table newspaper of affluent households of Indian communities. For more information contact Arjit Mehta, President, at 516-390-7847 or Visit  Read more >>

Interviewing Service of America (ISA): Over 30 Years of Delivering High Quality Data Collection

ISAISA is one of America's largest marketing research data collection and data reporting companies. ISA has 400 CATI positions in the US .  ISA is also the industry leader in multicultural data collection having conducted interviews in 67 languages. On-line interviewing and sample , IVR interviewing and complete data processing, including coding, programming and translations are available.  Through our Q-insights division we also conduct face to face intercept interviews, qualitative studies and executive interviewing. We have extensive experience in reaching hard to reach ethnic groups such as Hispanics and Asians. QI has two focus group facilities in Southern California and nationwide recruiting capabilities. For more information contact Michael Halberstam (PRC), President, 818-989-1044, Visit   Read more >>