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Multicultural Marketing News - April is Multicultural Communications Month


 Multicultural Marketing News

April 2015

Multicultural Communications Month 


Here is your latest edition of Multicultural Marketing News, the newsletter published by Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,


What's Inside: Featured News Stories...Company Profiles...Expert Resources For Marketing Executives...Diverse Sources and Story Ideas For Journalists

In this issue:

  • No Language Barrier For Connecting With Exclusive And Affluent South Asian Consumers
  • The Hispanic Retail 360 Summit is now the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit
  • Innovation vs. Competitive Advantage - Pharma Industry Angle
  • The Pioneers of Hispanic Bilingual Data Collection
  • NDTV, The Premier News Channel from India 
  • Ethnic Technologies - Your Partner In Culturally Competent Communications

No Language Barrier For Connecting With Exclusive And Affluent South Asian Consumers

South Asians are arguably America's most affluent consumer group. Household Income is 83% higher than the national average and South Asians dramatically over-index in many key consumer categories including Automotive, Insurance, Home & Business Ownership, Banking & Investments, Telecom, Travel and Electronics. Unlike other ethnic segments, there is no language barrier for connecting with them. 94% of South Asians speak English and actually prefer commercial messaging in English by more than 3 to 1! This explains why almost all of the creative messaging on the top-rated South Asian networks is in English. Even more impactful, the vast majority of South Asian television viewers are not watching the top rated mainstream networks; so you are truly extending your reach with qualified consumers. America's most affluent consumer group is accessible TODAY with mainstream messaging. Tapping into these elite consumers is easy, affordable and efficient! Emerging Networks provides a convenient and effective one-stop shop. Contact: Tom Marsillo,, (732) 492-8559

The Hispanic Retail 360 Summit is now the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit 

The best event just got better - the 2015 summit will include valuable information on Hispanic retailing as well as a focus on other growing multicultural consumer segments in the U.S. market. Given the movement to the total market approach the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit will continue to help retailers maximize their business within the growing Hispanic market and other cultural consumer segments including African-Americans, Asian-Americans and biculturals. The summit will provide insights and examples of best practices for merchandising and marketing to these emerging consumer groups. This year's agenda has an exciting range of sessions including a keynote from the National Football League and a cultural immersion store tour that includes four different retailers: Curacao, Super King, Superior and Tawa 99 Ranch. Register today at to join us August 12-14 in Anaheim, CA for our 2015 summit. Contact info: Michael Hatherill, Group Brand Director, Multicultural Retail 360,, 201-855-7610.

Innovation vs. Competitive Advantage - Pharma Industry Angle

Pharma industry dynamics on the value of multicultural communications have taken a new shift.  About 5 to 8 years or so ago, companies started to take a closer look at these market segments, and for the most part multicultural has been considered as an innovation project to explore. We had 2 to 3 companies starting to build their multicultural corporate strategies and additional 1 or 2 companies having isolated brand investments. Fast forward five years later, 2015, we have about 20 pharma companies that are consciously investing into multicultural markets on a brand level with at least 40% of these companies either exploring or already having a corporate strategy.  Labeling multicultural as an innovation initiative is no longer the case for the industry, but is instead a competitive advantage.  Being first to market is one of the key drivers in securing a leading market share for a given segment, at times even if your product is not superior in quality to the competition.   Don't let multicultural US market segments become a competitive disadvantage for you.  For more information please contact: Steven Millerman steven.millerman@emcay.net201-868-8867 or visit

The Pioneers of Hispanic Bilingual Data Collection 

Opinion Access Corp. is the Bilingual English/Spanish data collection expert. We are not only the expert, we were on the ground floor of recognizing the trend and developing a dedicated division for the Hispanic market over 16 years ago, before the 2000 Census determined the explosion of the Spanish consumer market. That makes us the pioneers in the industry with 400+ stations and the knowledge and capability that you can trust. And, we save you money by lowering our operating costs with our Dominican Republic facility. We offer the same high quality and expertise, with your day-to-day project coordinators, programmers and sales staff still based in our New York Office. Importantly, our OAC-DR interviewers speak fluent accent neutral English, and their training is as intense as their U.S. counterparts. We faced the challenge and settled the unknown frontier, resulting in owning the Hispanic Data Collection territory! Now, it is time to give OAC the opportunity to conquer your Hispanic Bilingual projects. Contact: Lance Hoffman, Vice President Business Development,, 718 729 2728

NDTV, The Premier News Channel from India

One of the most prime opportunities in the multicultural media market in the United States is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups comprising of South Asians, with over 2 million people comprising the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Nepali communities. As a media target, this segment represents a premium market and an audience who likes to keep in touch with their native land. NDTV, a pioneer in Indian news broadcasting industry, is available in over 80 countries across the world, acting as a bridge between India and the various countries - be it politically or culturally - and helping in exchange of ideas an information. The company has also attained a respectable reach among the ethnic as well as the native communities in the United States. NDTV24x7 which is the flagship channel and the top rated English News Channel from India is currently available on DISH Network in the Hindi Mega Pack, English News Pack and DISH International Basic Package on their DTH platform and as well on Sling, their new OTT platform which has taken the US market by storm. In addition to that, NDTV 24x7 is also present on Times Warner Cable in the Hindi Pass Plus and Passport Pack and NDTV Good Times, India's first travel and lifestyle channel, is also available in DISH's Hindi Mega and Masti packs. Contact Rohit Jaiswal, Associate Vice President - Distribution Sales, Distribution, NDTV, or Tom Marsillo,, (732) 492-8559

Ethnic Technologies - Your Partner In Culturally Competent Communications

Our flagship product, E-Tech appends the following elements to our clients' customer data:  Ethnicity, Ethnic Group, Language Preference, Religion and Hispanic Country of Origin.    E-Tech also incorporates Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) technology, our granular geographic data system.  Once E-Tech has analyzed all the available name intelligence, and all of the geographic information, it uses our proprietary, culturally sensitive, expert system logic to predict the ethnicity and other demographics for each individual record.  E-Tech can identify more than 180 specific ethnicities within 16 general ethnic groups. Assimilation represents the degree to which a Hispanic or Asian individual has adopted the language and culture of the United States.  With each level of Assimilation, the individual's spending habits, socioeconomic status, communication preference and other lifestyle characteristics differ.  Ethnicity, language preference, education, income, socioeconomic status, dwelling size ENA are just some of the variables used, along with our expert system rules, to determine which Assimilation Index best describes a specific Hispanic, Brazilian or Asian individual.  Our four Assimilation Indices are: 1. Assimilated - Speaks and Understands primarily the Prevailing Culture's Language.  (Primarily English Speaking) 2. Bilingual, Prefers English - Speaks Primarily the Prevailing Culture's Language, but still Understands Native Language.  (e.g. Spanish) 3. Bilingual, Prefers Native Language - Speaks Primarily Native Language (e.g. Spanish), but Understands Prevailing Culture's Language.  (e.g. English) 4. Unassimilated - Speaks and Understands primarily the Native Language (e.g. Spanish) (Primarily Native Language Speaking) Our Assimilation determinations are predictive and based on the many years of detailed research embedded in our product.  No personally identifiable information is ever used. Contact Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales and Marketing, 

karens@ethnictechnologies.com866-333-8324 ext. 117,


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Theme: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month


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Multicultural Marketing News - March is Women's History Month


 Multicultural Marketing News

March 2015

Women's History Month

Here is your latest edition of Multicultural Marketing News, the newsletter published by Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,

What's Inside: Featured News Stories...Company Profiles...Expert Resources For Marketing Executives...Diverse Sources and Story Ideas For Journalists

In this issue:

  •, the Philippine Daily Inquirer Online
  • A Chat with Monique Nelson, Chair and CEO, UWG
  • Ethnic Technologies Gender Data Enhancement
  • Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. Certified as a Woman-Owned Business, the Philippine Daily Inquirer Online

At the helm of the 30 year old Philippine Daily Inquirer are two women of vision, Marixi Rufino Prieto, Chairman, and her daughter, Alexandra Rufino Romualdez. Established during a difficult time in Philippine history, the paper has progressed to be the leading broadsheet in the country, receiving accolades and awards from local and international media organizations. Its online version,, now on its 17th year, is a pioneer in desktop publishing. It, too, follows the steps of integrity and quality journalism established by its mother company. has been represented in the United States since 2002 by its pioneering Regional Director and Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Esther Misa Chavez. Today, averages in the US 7-million pageviews a month from a million unique visitors. Globally, is the top news website with the largest Filipino online audience. Visit the website at www.INQUIRER.netFor more information, email

A Chat with Monique Nelson, Chair and CEO, UWG

Monique Nelson, Chair and CEO of UniWorld Group, Inc., the longest-standing, full-service, multicultural marketing agency in the US., is a passionate advocate for her brand and its mission to meet the needs of clients and consumers across the country. Here is some advice from her on how women can gain more access to the C-suite. I think women get a little scared about "leaning in," so to speak. "Lean in" in a way that works for you - it's about being authentically you and knowing where you're going to be successful. Say what you mean, go in with a professional understanding of what you're looking for, be thoughtful about how you present yourself and your ideas, and then just go for it. Her advice for tomorrow's leaders. Have a vision. Writing down what you want makes things a lot clearer. I know that once I write my goals down, they become very real, and I become much more accountable to them. Always look for the win-win. Win-loss rarely lasts long, and I treat everything like it's a marathon, not a sprint. Contact Teresa Lyles Holmes,

Ethnic Technologies Gender Data Enhancement
Ethnic Technologies (E-TECH) is the Global Leader in Multicultural Marketing, Research, Data Enhancement, Segmentation and Modeling Analytics. It has the world¹s most accurate, targeted and selectable mailing lists on the market. Female-oriented lists include Female Business Owners By State, Hispanic Female Prime Prospects, Asian Female Prime Prospects, African American Female Prime Prospects, Female Mail Order Buyers By State and Female Heads of Household By State. Our E-Tech 2015 Ethnic Identification Software extracts the most important multicultural populations from our vast database and combines them with key demographic and psychographic selections. Our data is available to clients for postal, telemarketing and email campaigns. We have over 180 ethnic groups identified on our database, as well as over 80 languages. We offer myriaddemographic selections, including Assimilation Levels, Affluence and hundreds more. Our multi-dimensional research guarantees you the most accurate and targeted lists available. G-Tech is our gender identificationtechnology that was developed to more accurately reach the increasingly important female buying decision-makers. Originally based in preponderance theory, Ethnic Technologies subsequently enhanced G-Tech with morespecific name research, to make it more accurate than any other currently available gender marketing product. When you look at your marketing data, do you think that more than 50% of your buyers are men? If so, you need G-Tech! Contact Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales and Marketing, 
Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. Certified as a Woman-Owned Business
Founded 21 years by Lisa Skriloff, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) is proud to now be certified as a Woman-Owned Business by the nationally recognized certifying agency, The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. is a consulting firm, marketing/PR firm and publisher of this newsletter, Multicultural Marketing News and The Source Book of Multicultural Experts. At visitors can Find a Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Expert at the online Experts directory, sign up for a free subscription to MMRNews (Multicultural Marketing News), find a recommended book at our online Multicultural Marketing Resources Library and Find a Speaker from our Multicultural Speakers Showcase, among other resources. To learn more about Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc., please visit www.multicultural.comContact Lisa Skriloff, President,, 212-242-3351.


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"Super Bowl Commentary 2015" Ads Analysis: A Multicultural Perspective - Multicultural Marketing News - February 2015




"Super Bowl Commentary 2015"

Ads Analysis: A Multicultural Perspective



Super Bowl ads have, once again, provoked commentary from marketing experts who target Hispanic, Asian American, African American and other Multicultural markets. MMR asked top experts, from among those featured in our Source Book of Multicultural Experts Online, to provide their analysis of the Super Bowl ads from a multicultural perspective. 


The Total Market Strategy Scores at Super Bowl XLIX

If you're looking for proof that marketers are embracing the total market approach to advertising, Super Bowl XLIX is chock full of examples. Some of the most memorable ads this year, including spots from Toyota, Nationwide, and Dove, exemplify the shift away from culturally targeted ads in favor of a total market strategy that focuses on the shared cultural values of all Americans. In 2012 Ad Age forecasted that the total market strategy would outstrip culturally specific advertising, and predicted that the trend would be accompanied by "growing pains" within the industry. After seeing elegant examples of the total market strategy on Sunday, it may be safe to assume that this new strategy has come of age. In Dove's Men + Care ad, we saw men of many different races interacting with their children, fulfilling the same needs in their children's lives, and highlighting how the experience of fatherhood crosses cultural lines. During Toyota's Camry ad, viewers got a glimpse into the life of Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy. As she struggles to complete her routine, we hear the motivating voice of Muhammad Ali. This ad speaks to the trials that athletes of all races face, and like the Dove ad, draws from a universal emotion that transcends cultural divisions. Multicultural advertising is not only beneficial for fostering a more inclusive American culture, but from an advertising standpoint it just makes sense. Each year the diversity of Super Bowl viewers increases. And marketers will tell you that when it comes to Super Bowl ads, the big winners are the ones that go viral on social media after the big game is over. With current research suggesting that African Americans and Hispanics are more likely than their white counterparts to frequent social media sites, advertisers have more reasons than ever to embrace a total market approach.In short, the total market approach is more efficient, more effective and more inclusive of all Americans. The trend of pinpointing advertising messages to certain groups seems to be fading away and taking its place is the portrayal of an over-arching American experience that everyone can identify with, regardless of which football team they rooted for. By Adriana Hemans, Marketing Coordinator SoapBoxSample,, (818) 756-7429.


2015 Ads Strike a Serious Tone  

Super Bowl commercials are created to evoke emotion. No matter what that emotion is, these ads intend to leave you with that feeling long after the game is over. This year, I noticed less laughter and more introspection. More ads were aired that were meant to tug at your heartstrings, rather than make you laugh out loud. One important theme I saw this year weaving through many of the ads was that of overcoming adversity or a handicap. These were the ads that inspire us, while perhaps even making us cry a bit. To that end, the most important ad of the evening in my opinion was not created to sell anything or boost a particular brand. The NFL's domestic violence ad was powerful. In a year when the NFL was vilified and as a supremely powerful organization made many mistakes, this was a step in the right direction. The ad itself was intense in the emotion it evoked. Showing how savvy one who is going through abuse must be, and also showing how the kindness of strangers can be invaluable in this situation was indeed emotional. The NFL has a lot of work yet to do, but this was a step in the right direction. By Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies,,  866-333-8324, ext. 117.







Super Bowl Advertising 2015 What's New?

There we some significant shifts in advertising this year compared to last year, however overall it still didn't, with a few exceptions, reflect the rich diversity of America.The great thing is there was very little use of ethnic stereotypes which occurred last year. This was refreshing. Advertising should be based on insights that in fact the targeted segment should recognize and not be easily apparent to others.Why not more ads with non-Caucasian principals? The ads with basic human emotions and values could just as easily been cast African American, Asian or Latino. America's richness is in its diversity.  The programs our ads are inserted into have recognized the strength of this diversity, and advertising needs to catch up.Some notable ads reflecting the diversity of America were: Microsoft, Dodge "100 year olds" and the Multicultural ad for Jeep Renegade. By Ron Campbell, President & CEO, Campbell-Communications, Inc., 718-671-6989.






When Purpose Meets Relevance

While watching this year's Super Bowl commercials, an interesting question arose at the offices of Muse Communications. You're spending over 4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds. Over 100 million people will see whatever it is you create. What would be the best use of this tremendous, but costly, opportunity? Create a funny, entertaining spot featuring a celebrity for T-Mobile, Kia or Nationwide? Or maybe just add a new chapter to an already long-running campaign like Budweiser, Snickers or Priceline? For us at Muse - a long-standing voice for audiences who never get enough of the spotlight - we prefer the route of the Always "Like a Girl" spot or the anti-domestic abuse PSA, "No More." Both ads were purposeful and relevant, which in our experience is the perfect recipe for authentic creative that connects with an audience. Besides, the last thing any of us needs on our TVs is more Kim Kardashian... By Shelley Yamane, President & Chief Strategic Officer,, (310) 945-4100.



"Around the Block Again"

The Internet age of instant gratification leaves little to be revealed once the biggest game of the year finally kicks off. Many brands "leak" their spots in the week leading up in order to engage conversation and promote favorability in the same way movie houses release Academy Award-eligible films around Oscar season. But this year's batch of ads not only featured "leaked" spots, but a lot of commercials that have been around for a while, particularly in the automotive industry.  Dodge's spot celebrating its 100-year history with advice from 100+ year-old sages is a great spot. But we saw it as early as last April, and celebrating a century (from 1914-2014) 2015 felt a little stale. Same with the Fiat "Viagra" spot. That spot's big payoff is the ending. I went soft the minute I saw it and thought, "Again Sergio?!" We get it. It's clever, but it was cleverer last year.  And car brands that could have taken advantage of this, gave us the same luxury blue-tint jargon-filled forgettable spot (Lexus NX). We can file this under 'Seen It' as well. The same can be said for the commercials with an obvious nod to multicultural audiences, such as the Microsoft spot, "Estelle's Brilliant Bus" or the snippet of spoken Spanish in McDonald's Pay it With Lovin' campaign. It all felt vaguely familiar and well, middling. Super Bowl ads should take a hint from what makes football so enjoyable: Surprise and unpredictability.  Give us something to look forward to. That's what makes SB spots great. By Daniel Gonzalez, Creative Brand Partner, Prime Access, 212-868-6800.


Among some Super Duds, Microsoft hits home.

Many fell short in assuming their brand is so well known and so good, it doesn't need any product claim support.  Then, there are spots so enamored of their visual or verbal cleverness that effectiveness was left in the dust.  Also, some spots almost look like product placement inside a film, where the product is secondary.  But a few spots really did the job.  With honorable mention to McDonald's Paying with Love (with a beautiful natural take on multicultural America),  Avocados from Mexico (for spelling out product attributes cleverly), and Wix for showing "it's that easy" to get a website for what you care about, my grand prize goes to Microsoft's Braylon O'Neill, which made me cry. This spot engages emotionally with an important story, and shows value of the product, with a positive message that is relevant to this physically challenged youngster:  "technology has changed Braylon's life by opening up the world for him."  Now THAT is a commercial message!  By Liz Castells-Heard, President/CEO, Castells Advertising,, 213-688-7217.










Ecuador Tourism Ad Campaign Includes Super Bowl Spot, Hispanic Media, Engagement with Ecuadorian Community

Along with other first time Super Bowl advertisers, the first ever country to promote tourism was included among the half-time commercials: Ecuador. According to the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador they advertised during the Super Bowl, the most watched one-day television event, "because it would put them on a global platform." The spots are in 13 markets as part of their "All You Need Is Ecuador" campaign launched in early 2014, to promote Ecuador as a world-class destination to U.S. travelers, and as a place to do business among English-speaking audiences and the U.S. Hispanic population. Ecuador's Ministry of Tourism says that the U.S. is the second largest source of tourists traveling to Ecuador, after Colombia. Featuring the song "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles, the tourism campaign includes engagement with the Ecuadorian community in the U.S., partnering with prominent Ecuadorians who are influential among the U.S. Hispanic population to promote the beauty of the country and to promote Ecuadorian culture in the United States and outreach to U.S. Hispanic media to promote Ecuador and the achievements of Ecuadorians living in the U.S. According to the Ministry of Tourism, "these types of opportunities build national pride, which motivates fellow Ecuadorians to engage with their communities via social media or events."The social media campaign includes hashtags #SB49 and #AllYouNeedIs, (#AllYouNeedIsEcuador on game day) and tweets from the Ambassador of Ecuador Nathalie Cely @NathalieCely. By Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,, 212-242-3351



Croatian National Tourist Office Offers Winning Super Bowl XLIX Coach a Trip "Back Home": Both Coaches areCroatian American

Tying in to the "immigrant angle" of Super Bowl XLIX is the Croatian National Tourist Office which jumped to promote the "first matchup of Croatian head coaches" when they learned  that both Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, and Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, are of Croatian descent. "The Battle of the Croatian Coaches" it is being called and Belichick said in a press conference "...looks like we'll have a Croatian champion one way or the other." The Croatian National Tourist Office is offeringthe winning coach a "trip back home": an all-expense paid trip throughout Croatia in 2015.  "As this will be the first Super Bowl match between two coaches of Croatian ancestry, the winning coach will get the chance to explore the land of his ancestors." Tweets and hashtags include @Croatia_hr and  #BattleforCroatia. Other famous Croatian Americans include John Malkovich, actor, Judah Friedlander, actor and comedian and Franjo Vlasic, founder and namesake of Vlasic Pickles. By Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,, 212-242-3351.

Multicultural Marketing News - January 2015 What's Inside: Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2015

Multicultural Marketing News - January 2015

 What's Inside:  Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2015

Top multicultural marketing experts weigh in with their informed opinions on what to expect in Multicultural Marketing in 2015 in the US. Read on to learn what these experts have to say about their outlook for multicultural marketing in the coming year.  

Outlook for Multicultural Markets 

The latest Census data proves that growth and spending power in multicultural markets is tremendous. In 2015 and beyond, companies large and small must employ this valuable insight when implementing new strategies for revenue growth and increased brand loyalty. They must look at these growth populations as the new "general market". Think "Sofia Vergara Effect". Sofia Vergara is a Spanish speaker, and represents her roots proudly. But Ms. Vergara is now seen as relevant to all consumers. She is represented in both English and Spanish ads, and has product lines that reach well beyond the traditional Hispanic marketplace. Companies must make a shift in thinking and understand that Multicultural and Mainstream marketing have merged. The lines between them have been forever blurred. The use of accurate multicultural data, analysis, market identification and appropriate messaging will be the key factors to success. Multicultural Marketing, Research and Ethnic Identification is our passion and we look forward to helping all forward thinking companies, clients and partners achieve the results they expect from the Leader in Multicultural Marketing. Our country is a beautiful mosaic and we celebrate it every day! By Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies,, 866-333-8324, ext. 117. 

Outlook for Multicultural Marketing Research in 2015

If 2014 is any indication, 2015 is going to be the most expansive year ever for multicultural marketing research. In a typical year (Prior to 2014) my company conducts around 15% of our day-to-day survey projects in any one of 67 languages.Last year a number of things changed. Beginning in late 2013 we noticed that our bids and projects increasingly came from companies outside the US. These companies were looking to better understand, through the lens of marketing research, how different groups would feel about purchasing products coming from their native country that were not readily available in the US.By mid-2014, with the number of bids and projects more than doubling, it was also clear that the subject mix was changing as well. We saw candidates running for office, tobacco products, government & transportation agencies, universities, digital media and CPG companies all testing the opinions of the multicultural market.What is the outlook for multicultural marketing and marketing research? Sunny with little chance of rain! By Michael Halberstam, Chairman, Interviewing Service of America (ISA),, 818-989-1044   

Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2015

The year 2015 is destined to benchmark the transformation of marketing to a diverse America.  The days of silo marketing are ending and coming of age are key audience segments of which multicultural is front and center along with millennial, digital and total market approaches.  Multiculturals make up a very large share (42.3%) of influential Millennials and therefore they should be considered prominently in any campaign.  Our world is increasingly digital and younger audiences are disproportionately mobile and digitally connected.  The "Total Market" is diverse and increasingly multicultural, therefore marking a line in the sand where there is no point of return. Each year, Geoscape hosts the New Mainstream Business Summit. The New Mainstream is multicultural and digital and inhabited by Millennials who are the drivers of the Total Market These are the main themes of our conference this year - replete with top-notch speakers, hard hitting case studies and valuable workshops and panels.  Make sure you reserve your seat while the early bird pricing is available. Visit us at Henry Bruley, VP, Marketing, Geoscape,, 888-211-9353.

Repositioning to Multicultural/Total Market to Embrace the New America

It is my assessment that marketing has shifted from "silos" of marketing to just Hispanics, African-Americans and Asian-American to embrace what is being termed the New America. And when the next census is conducted in 2020, minorities are expected to account for 40% of the population, and Hispanics will be close to 20%. Seeing these stats and other data, it made perfect sense for the organizers of Hispanic Retail 360 to rebrand its Hispanic Retail 360 conference, magazine and website as Multicultural Retail 360, a new media brand focused on retailing to the growing multicultural segments of the United States. Over the past decade, Hispanic Retail 360 had grown into the premier cross-channel event focused on retailing to the growing Latino market. Given the movement to a total market approach, Multicultural Retail 360 will continue to help retailers maximize their business with the growing Hispanic market in the U.S., while also providing insight and examples of best practices for merchandising and marketing to other important demographic and cultural segments of the U.S. population, including African-Americans, Asian-Americans, biculturals, and other emerging ethnic and cultural consumer groups. Multicultural Retail 360 Summit will be unique from the many other conferences aimed at marketing and advertising to multicultural consumers. No existing conference addresses the issues that retailers face identifying and segmenting multicultural consumers shopping their stores, and then executing strategies so that they have the appropriate product mix and marketing messages for these customers at every store. 

By Michael Hatherill, Group Brand Director, Multicultural Retail 360,, 201-855-7610.

Outlook for Multicultural Healthcare Marketing in 2015 

With changes in law and the diversification of America, the importance of taking into account multicultural consumers in healthcare marketing is more important than ever. Many of the newly insured are multicultural-- potential new consumers of drugs and health services. These are consumers who won't always be looking for the lowest cost or formulary product but are able to target specific branded products. These market segments are also known for their brand loyalty, as well as being over-represented in chronic diseases, with higher than average rates of blood pressure and cholesterol issues among Hispanic and African-American consumers; Hepatitis among Asians. But that doesn't mean these product categories are the only products that would benefit multicultural consumers. Anything from OTCs to health insurance to health counseling to disease awareness to hospital services are things that these consumers will be investing a significant amount of spending in the coming years, with a much higher rate of likely spending growth than the population at large. A company that takes advantage of learning more about these customer segments, successful examples of how to market to them, and ways to earn trust on healthcare can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line. Learn more about how to accomplish these opportunities at one of our 2015 healthcare marketing conferences, including the Multicultural Health Marketing National Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on October 12-14By Scott Ehrlich, VP, DTC Perspectives,, 770-559-0702.


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