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Creative Consumer Research

Whether it’s developing new products and services, refining existing ones, or building new marketing and advertising campaigns, senior decision makers across the United States routinely rely upon CCR for insights they need into their markets.  Houston’s multicultural demographics offer researchers the opportunity to contact an array of cultures and ethnic groups including foreign born African Americans.  These surveys can be completed in several African dialects reflecting different areas of Africa.  In addition, CCR has focused on the African American population providing sensitive and insightful information on a variety of health issues, economic opportunities and shopping behavior, verbal and non verbal communication.  CCR offices in Houston and Phoenix offer complete field services throughout Texas and Arizona.  CCR has large conference-style focus group rooms with one-was mirrors and large client viewing rooms.  Taste tests, telephone interviewing, executive surveys, mall intercepts, door-to-door interviewing, mystery shops, store audits, and computer capabilities are available.  Bilingual interviewing, moderators, and translators are also available.  CCR also offers project management for multicity projects.  Our extensive experience includes a wide range of industries: Health Care, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Communications, and Travel, etc.  CCR completes over 1,500 research projects annually, mainly for other market research companies.  Whether you need door-to-door, executive interviewers, focus groups (large or small), multi-language capabilities, etc., your market research needs are served by our staff of more than 60 full-time market research professionals and over 400 interviewers. For more information contact Patricia Pratt, President, 281-240-9646 or Visit  Read more >>

Ethnic Technologies, LLC – African American Insight

Ethnic Technologies, LLC is the platinum standard in multicultural marketing. The result of over 40 years of continuous ethnic, religious and language preference research. E-Tech incorporates a unique approach for identifying the different African American consumer markets. After identifying  African American consumers by unique ethnic first names it then  looks for those with unique surnames  from the African Continent. Then for those not identified by the first 2 steps E-Tech does a neighborhood analysis using multi-sourced information compiled from our research team. From that data, E-Tech is able to accurately identify the African American individuals’ with  borrowed English, Scotch, French, Welsh, Irish, Dutch and Islamic surnames. The incorporation of  this Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) technology in E-Tech Version 7.2 establishes a new and unprecedented level of granularity and completeness in the ethnic marketing industry.  E-Tech allows clients to segment their database by ethnicity, religion, language preference, assimilation index and Hispanic country of origin more accurately and comprehensively than any other approach. Clients  can also benefit  from and acquire ethnic mailing, telemarketing and email lists for both the United States and Canada. The analytics department at E-TECH offers ethnic data appending services and mapping to provide businesses with an overview of new and existing markets. Contact Candace M. Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director at 866-333-8324 ext. 106 or Visit


Global Funds Transfer (GFT) Aims To Be The One Stop Shop For The Ethnic Population Worldwide

Looking to support your family or make a gift to friends while abroad? Mobytop allows you to top-up the mobile prepaid account from anywhere in the world at anytime. Tailored specially to the needs of immigrant communities, GFT’s solutions allow migrants from all over the world a real time, easy and cost-efficient transfer of small amounts of money from the internet, mobile phone or through retailers. Many white label partners have started to serve their customers with our services. Mobytop is the site where Hispanics, Asian Pacifics and Africans can help their family back home. GFT is present in US, Europe, Middle East and Africa through strong partnership with local key players. For more information contact or, Read more >>

HMG Distribution - Reach General Market and Multicultural Consumers Right Where They Live

With over 15 years in business, HMG Distribution provides nationwide direct-to-door distribution of product samples, door hangers, polybag media, catalogues and newspapers. With state-of-the-art mapping capabilities and over 1,200 geo-demographic data overlays, HMG clients can reach consumer households by block group, Census tract, zip code, retail trade-area radius and more.  Clients wishing to reach multicultural households can target by general ethnicity (Hispanic, African American, Asian, etc.) or subset by country of origin (Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, etc.).  Distribution is available to any US market including Hawaii and Alaska. Our programs are scalable from the local grassroots level to nationally focused mass reach.  To date, we have executed distributions for clients as Verizon, Kellogg’s, MetroPCS, Stop & Shop, Washington Post and DirecTV. For more information contact Mitch Korn, President and General Manager at 914-276-0500 or  Please visit our website at   Read more >>

C R Market Surveys, Inc. - Marketing Research Specialists

C R Market Surveys, Inc. - Marketing Research Specialists - proudly salutes the accomplishments of African Americans during Black History Month.  As the only Black-owned focus group facility in the Midwest, C R Market Surveys understands the challenges faced by African Americans as pioneers for success. For over 16 years, clientele have benefited from C R Market Surveys’ expertise in consistently delivering clear, in-depth and authentic insights from African American, Hispanic and Asian consumers nationwide.  Our multicultural perspective is used in the design, implementation and delivery of our data across an array of industries - from consumer goods to non-profit entities. Core methodologies include focus groups in top multicultural markets, food and beverage testing, product placements, online surveys and in-person intercepts.  Key staff members are PRC certified with the Marketing Research Association; MBE/WBE/NMSDC compliant with local and state agencies. Contact Cherlyn Robinson today for more information - 800-882-1983 ext. 70, Visit Read more >>