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Creative Consumer Research

Whether it’s developing new products and services, refining existing product offerings, or building new marketing and advertising campaigns, senior decision makers across the United States routinely rely upon CCR for actionable market insights. With over 20 years of research expertise, specifically focused on Hispanic/Latino consumers and businesses, CCR conducts research for clients nationally, statewide, regionally and locally. Currently CCR has the largest Hispanic Research Department in the state of Texas. CCR offices in Houston and Phoenix offer a variety of research methodologies to interview both acculturated and non acculturated Hispanics/Latinos. CCR has large conference-style focus group rooms with one-way mirrors and large client viewing rooms for qualitative research. In addition CCR offers taste tests, telephone interviewing, executive surveys, mall intercepts, door-to-door interviewing, mystery shops, store audits, and computer capabilities. Bilingual interviewing, moderators, and translators are also available. CCR also offers project management for multicity projects. Our extensive experience includes a wide range of industries: Health Care, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Retail, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Communications, and Travel, etc. CCR completes over 1,500 research projects annually. Whether you need telephone surveys, internet surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups (large or small), multi-language capabilities etc., our staff of more than 40 full-time market research professionals and 200 interviewers can service your market research needs. For more information contact Patricia Pratt, President, 281-240-9646 or or visit our website at  Read more >>

Grupo Latino de Radio

Grupo Latino de Radio (GLR) is the US radio division of Grupo PRISA (, the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language business group in the fields of education, information and entertainment. Present in 22 countries, it reaches more than 50 million users through its global brands. GLR operates 2 radio stations: Caracol WSUA 1260AM in Miami and W Radio XEWW 690AM in Southern California. GLR Networks is the production and distribution arm that supplies the most innovative radio programming:
- Exclusive rights to Chivas de Guadalajara, Copa Santander Libertadores, Copa Nissan Sudamericana and daily sports information shows, with talent such as Jorge Campos, Samuel Jacobo, Ricardo Mayorga, Rigo Cervantes and Hipolito Gamboa.
- Newscast Services.
- Health-topic shows hosted by first ever Latino president of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Elmer Huerta.
- #1CHR/Pop Countdown among Latinos Worldwide.
More than 120 affiliated stations, reaching over 80% of the US Hispanic population! For more information, please contact Luigi Bellizzi at 305 644 6641 or Read more >>

VanguardComm Unveils Dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility & Cause-Related Marketing (CSR/CRM) Practice

The public relations and marketing communications firm has formalized its longstanding experience with CSR/CRM initiatives. This comes as data from the Yankelovich MONITOR Multicultural Study 2010 confirmed that Hispanic and African-American consumers rank a company’s presence in the community as a major factor in their purchasing decisions – much more so than the General Market.  For example, 79 percent and 84 percent of Hispanic and African-American respondents respectively agreed with the statement “companies that make sincere efforts to be part of the Hispanic/African-American community deserve my loyalty.”  “The results identify excellent opportunities for businesses looking to increase their brand reputation and sales,” said Esther Novak, CEO and founder of VanguardComm. “Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause Related Marketing are underserved areas and in our new practice we will actively engage to help businesses understand and leverage these opportunities.” VanguardComm has extensive experience with both corporate and nonprofit clients in this area. It has a long history of involvement in community engagement in various fields -- including health, food & beverage, arts & culture, housing, technology and renewable energy. For more detail call Esther Novak ( at 732-246-0405 or   Read more >>

Améredia: Hispanic - Multicultural

Améredia continues its positioning as a multicultural agency covering various ethnic groups, including Hispanics. Our teams have launched successful award-winning integrated marketing campaigns in print, online, radio, television, out-of-home, grassroots and market research in growing Hispanic communities nationwide, and we continue to gain mind share and market leadership within Asian, European, African, Middle Eastern and other diverse groups for both corporate and government sectors. Our multicultural focus provides a broader perspective to your culturally focused campaigns. Cross-cultural expertise, insights and intelligence gained through years of work in these markets and applied successfully to create impactful results within different ethnic groups bring you a 360 degree view of the multicultural market. With today’s minority segments poised to become tomorrow’s majority markets our partnership acts as an invaluable tool to your organization across the entire cultural spectrum. Hispanic or multicultural, we will correctly position, connect and grow your brand across all diverse markets. Explore more today on   Read more >>

Campbell Communications

Campbell Communications is dedicated to providing our clients with insights concerning multicultural audiences through traditional research and customized methodologies that are delivered professionally and timely. Our services include focus group moderating, ethnography depth sessions, on-site/on-premise/environmental interviews, individual and executive interviews. We believe we are capable of identifying new opportunities and provide recommendations that distinguish Campbell Communications from others.  Read more >>


WorldTV is the world’s leading aggregator and distributor of international content, serving multi-cultural audiences throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. WorldTV has extensive relationships with more than 500 international broadcasters and leading distributors of Pay TV content. In the United States, WorldTV works closely with companies like AT&T, Cox Hospitality, Frontier Communications, Verizon & more to deliver targeted international content that is relevant to a multi-cultural audience of more than 30 million people. WorldTV also serves the US retail market via its direct-to-home satellite platform, delivering more than 200 international radio and television channels in 35 languages representing over 40 countries throughout the world. WorldTV is the partner of choice for firms operating in the broadcasting, content management and content distribution markets. With technical services that include aggregation, backhaul, ingestion, transmission, distribution and repurposing of content, and business solutions that run the gamut from marketing and market research, business development and sales support, subscriber management and customer care, WorldTV represents a truly turnkey solution. WorldTV is a division of GlobeCast, a global provider of technical content management and worldwide transmission services for professional broadcast delivery. GlobeCast is a subsidiary of France Telecom. Visit   Read more >>

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L)

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L), with offices in New York City and Fort Lauderdale, FL, offers clients quick to market solutions with an eye toward ROI. L2L bridges the gap for general market companies targeting Latino consumers as well as Latino organizations seeking to widen their audience. Because of its depth of experience and portfolio of capabilities, L2L provides clients with a powerful, 360 degree marketing communications strategy that includes everything from business development and public relations to social media outreach and talent management among others. At the core of its business, L2L firmly believes that happy customers equal loyal customers. Learn more at   Read more >>

Améredia – Truly Multicultural

Améredia is excited to put its truly multicultural approach in practice by launching one of the most dynamic multicultural branding campaigns in the nation. The Agency recently managed the ethnic market launch of XFINITY, the new brand for Comcast’s technology platform, products and services, in select roll-out regions including Boston, Chicago, New England, Philadelphia, Maryland/DC, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco Bay Area. Demo/Geo targeted Print, Online and PR campaigns were launched in Brazilian/Portuguese, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, South Asian and Vietnamese communities. The XFINITY launch marks the beginning of a whole new era of innovation and change for Comcast which will continue to transform how Comcast customers experience entertainment, communications and information. The Agency collaborated with the client and agency partners to develop culturally relevant transcreative materials across eight leading languages covering Asian American, Eastern/Western European and Latin American (Brazilian) markets. With the successful launch of XFINITY and its ongoing national roll-out this year, Améredia and Comcast continue to advance a partnership built over years of work together in multicultural marketing. The two continue to set the standards in multicultural advertising, marketing and communications creating award winning campaigns that produce exceptional results. For more information, visit,, or email Read more >>

The “New” Multicultural Mom & Buying Behavior

The traditional roles of women in households have evolved. More frequently Moms are the primary family breadwinners, and in many cases, only family caregiver in this unique economic climate. This heightened level of decision-making and responsibility among Moms, coupled with an increasingly competitive consumer market place, has led marketers and corporations to take into account the “new” mom. It is now essential to success to understand what influences her purchases and what builds brand loyalty with Moms. Furthermore, the behavioral changes of ethnically diverse “new” Moms versus Caucasian mothers have become even more distinct. For example, current economic conditions have caused various changes in buying behavior across all ethnicities.  Overall, the “new” Mom is deeply concerned about her finances and actively seeks ways to be more cost efficient. However, while African-American Moms are committed to reducing overall spending, they are not willing to sacrifice national brand loyalty to save money. It has been proved that African-American Moms are far less likely to buy generic or store brands as their counterparts of different ethnic backgrounds. This is as a result of their being more passionately engaged with the shopping experience and having a high quality perception of national brands. Additionally, the behavioral patterns of African-American Moms are influenced by their optimism, which in turn correlates with their tendency to be religious.  African-American Moms over-index in faith-based activities, in the desire to be spiritually fulfilled, as well as in the desire to make religion a part of everyday life.  These Moms say that faith drives them to be more optimistic when compared with other Moms. Sources: GlobalHue Primary Research via Harris Interactive- 2009; Yankelovich-2009.  Read more >>

Creative Consumer Research

Whether it’s developing new products and services, refining existing ones, or building new marketing and advertising campaigns, senior decision makers across the United States routinely rely upon CCR for insights they need into their markets.  Houston’s multicultural demographics offer researchers the opportunity to contact an array of cultures and ethnic groups including foreign born African Americans.  These surveys can be completed in several African dialects reflecting different areas of Africa.  In addition, CCR has focused on the African American population providing sensitive and insightful information on a variety of health issues, economic opportunities and shopping behavior, verbal and non verbal communication.  CCR offices in Houston and Phoenix offer complete field services throughout Texas and Arizona.  CCR has large conference-style focus group rooms with one-was mirrors and large client viewing rooms.  Taste tests, telephone interviewing, executive surveys, mall intercepts, door-to-door interviewing, mystery shops, store audits, and computer capabilities are available.  Bilingual interviewing, moderators, and translators are also available.  CCR also offers project management for multicity projects.  Our extensive experience includes a wide range of industries: Health Care, Financial Services, Retail, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Communications, and Travel, etc.  CCR completes over 1,500 research projects annually, mainly for other market research companies.  Whether you need door-to-door, executive interviewers, focus groups (large or small), multi-language capabilities, etc., your market research needs are served by our staff of more than 60 full-time market research professionals and over 400 interviewers. For more information contact Patricia Pratt, President, 281-240-9646 or Visit  Read more >>