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Multicultural Marketing News - May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month


Multicultural Marketing News May 2016
May is
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Here is your latest edition of Multicultural Marketing News, the newsletter published by Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,
In this issue:
  • Ethnic Technologies: Celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
  • TDW+Co - Celebrating AAPIHM Year-Round with the I Am Campaign
  • Reaching the Most Affluent Ethnic Segment in America via NDTV South Asian Network
  • MIKADO Marketing - Honoring & Celebrating Asian American Heritage Month!
  • ISA - Puzzled by Marketing to Multigenerational Households? Insight Communities Can Help!

    Featured Events
  • 3AF 2016 Asian Marketing Summit, June 2-3, in Los Angeles' Koreatown
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    Ethnic Technologies: Celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
    In 2016, marketers continue to tout the influence and affluence of the Asian American market. We've all seen the stats: As a group, Asian Americans have a buying power of $770 billion*. In terms of population, Asian American growth is steadily increasing, with a population of about 18 million.**  And now, with the presidential season in full swing, Asian Americans are also flexing their political muscle, with individuals coming out in record numbers to make their votes count. This may well be a pivotal point in building a stronger relationship with the Asian American consumer. Not only for candidates, but also for the hesitant advertiser, who still chooses to dip their toe, instead of fully immersing themselves in targeting Asian Americans. Even as the U.S. becomes more and more diverse, and ethnic and racial lines seem to blur, targeted marketing is still a very much needed solution to reaching various groups.  Ethnic marketing allows advertisers to speak directly to their audience. Addressing specific needs and creating a relationship is key to not only distinguishing your brand but building brand loyalty to sustain you, even during economic and political unbalance. Ethnic Technologies is the leading provider of multicultural marketing information to the Fortune 500 to help them reach Asian, Hispanic and African American markets. E-Tech identifies over 30 different Asian countries, including language preference. In addition to identifying Asian ethnicity, we also identify Assimilation levels for Asian individuals. At Ethnic Technologies, we recognize the importance of "Asian Marketing" but even more importantly, the proper segmentation of groups in order to communicate and market effectively. For more information contact, at Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies, Phone (866)333-8324 ext. 117,

    Celebrating AAPIHM Year-Round with the I Am Campaign
    The Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE) celebrates its 25th anniversary and Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the award-winning I Am Campaign. A partnership between CAPE and and supported by TDW+Co, I Am is an annual campaign that celebrates the achievements and stories of Asian Americans in untraditionally "Asian" professions such as acting, singing, fitness, and social media fame. This year's I Am features actor and activist George Takei, "Master of None" creators Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, dancer and YouTube artist Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval, and many more. The theme is The American Dream, and the campaign launches in early May, running until November. A digital-only campaign, I Am's tactics includes the microsite; two interactive events on Facebook Live; various social media conversations using the hashtags #IAmStory, #MyFirstStoryteller, and #WUCAPE; a curated social media gallery on the microsite; and I Am videos starring Takei, Ansari, Yang, and Sandoval. For more information about CAPE, visit capeusa.orgContact Gloria Wang Shawber, 206-437-9857,
    Reaching the Most Affluent Ethnic Segment in America - NDTV the most widely distributed South Asian Network in the U.S.
    Indian-Americans are the fastest growing ethnic segment in the U.S.. They are also the best educated and affluent ethnic group in the nation with median household income exceeding $100,000 per year according to the US Census Bureau. There is no better option for connecting with these elite consumers than on NDTV 24x7, India's most esteemed and trustworthy News brand. This top rated English News Channel from India is the mostwidely distributed South Asian channel in the U.S.. NDTV is currently available on Time Warner Cable, DISH Network, Yupp TV and Sling.  NDTV is distributed nationally in every major city across America. Apart from this, NDTV Good Times, India's first travel and lifestyle channel is available on DISH Network and Yupp TV. Contact Details: Rohit Jaiswal, Vice President - Distribution Sales, Distribution, NDTV,, 91-999-903-6145 (For distribution enquiries) Or Tom Marsillo,, 732-492-8559 (For advertising enquiries)
    Honoring & Celebrating Asian American Heritage Month!
    Since its inauguration of the celebration 24 years ago, the Asian American segment has made tremendous strides. Often considered a model community, Asian Americans continue to gain importance in every aspect of life, be it socio-economic, political, arts or sports in the U.S. 1. Representing 6% of the total U.S. population, Asian-American buying power is nearly four times larger than that of the highly-coveted U.S. Millennial group ($200 billion).2. Their cultural influence can be seen in American icons such as the Barbecue concept, Cigarettes, and even Ketchup! Ketchup originated in China as Koechiap.3. Contributors from the Asian-American community are recognized worldwide, from Bruce Lee in martial arts, Jim Lee in arts, and Vera Wang as a fashion icon. MIKADO is an innovative cross-cultural consultancy, collaborating with global brands and Fortune 100 companies to effectively cater to immigrant and religious minorities in the U.S.  Compiled of the most talented and experienced minds in the multi-cultural industry, the MIKADO team is passionate about the development of a truly international community within the U.S. For more information contact Liza -
    Puzzled by Marketing to Multigenerational Households? Insight Communities Can Help!
    As one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country, Asian Pacific Americans represent a vast opportunity for marketers and present some unique challenges. Asian Pacific Americans are more likely to live in multigenerational households. To successfully market products to this group, brands must understand how to appeal to a wider range of ages. Utilizing online Insight Communities is one way that marketers, product managers and researchers can foster frank longitudinal discussions about their products and increase brand engagement. New innovations have made setting up and managing Insight Communities faster and easier than ever.  ISA recently acquired a best-in-class insight community platform, icanmakeitbetter. In a few hours clients can set up their own branded communities without any technical expertise. Using a robust toolbox of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, companies can increase their understanding of multigenerational households by launching surveys, focus groups, ideation sessions, live chats and journals. For deeper insights into multicultural and multigenerational marketing, visit Contact: Michael Halberstam, Chairman ISA, 
    Featured Events
    3AF 2016 Asian Marketing Summit, June 2-3, in Los Angeles' Koreatown
    At the 3AF's 2016 Asian Marketing Summit, you'll learn critical information to capture your share of the Asian American market:
    • Release of the 3AF's in-language media consumption study
    • Experts from Chase, The Walt Disney Company, The Pew Research Center, and DramaFever
    • Highlights from the newest 2016 Nielsen "State of the Asian American Consumer" report.
    • Better understand how to capture and leverage ROI in Asian marketing
    • Meet, network and engage with Asian marketing industry experts, influencers, and marketers
    • The industry's only Asian Market Boot Camp on June 1-- an excellent way to hone your Asian consumer knowledge and access great resources.  This event, separate from the conference,  sells out early, so register quickly!
    Agenda coming soon.  Register now! For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Genny Hom-Franzen at
     See more events here
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