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Multicultural Marketing News - December 2015


 Multicultural Marketing News
December 2015

Here is your latest edition of Multicultural Marketing News, the newsletter published by Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,

In this issue:

  • TDW+Co Ends 2015 With Honors
  • New for Ethnic Technologies 2016:  E-TECH CANADA
  • Balmoral Multicultural helps lead you into Canada
    Meet the Experts
  • Acento Advertising
  • Emprendedora LLC 
  • Grupo Gallegos
  • MIKADO Marketing
  • Sheng Li Digital
    Featured Events
  • Mark your calendars for NAMIC's (National Association of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications) 2016 EVENTS! 
  • Get National Recognition for Your Multicultural Work!
  • 5th Annual Multicultural Health National Conference, Oct 27-28, 2016, Philadelphia
  • News

    TDW+Co Ends 2015 With Honors
    Seattle-based TDW+Co closes out the year with recognition on a regional and national level. The Puget Sound Business Journal has ranked the agency as the #1 Fastest-Growing Minority-Owned Business in the region, based on revenue growth from 2012 to 2014. TDW+Co also placed #26 on the Biz Journal's list of Largest Minority-Owned Businesses. These titles came on the heels of TDW+Co's ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards honor and four Pulse Awards from the Puget Sound chapter of the AMA, both last month. TDW+Co's year of growth and new opportunities included opening a New York office in July, a rebranding in April, and consistently exciting work from client partners. "We are so fortunate to be in this position and thankful to our brand partners for their collaboration," said Tim Wang, Founder & Principal. "But most importantly, our rapid expansion would not be possible if it weren't for our talented team members." Learn more at www.tdwandco.comContact: Gloria Wang Shawber, 206-437-9857,
    New for Ethnic Technologies 2016:  E-TECH CANADAE-Tech Canada segments your Canadian database by Ethnicity, Religion, Language Preference, Ethnic Group and Hispanic Country of Origin. The name intelligence at the heart of E-Tech Canada is comprised of first names, surnames and expert name rules, including prefixes and suffixes, derived from ethnic name research compiled over more than 40 years. E-Tech Canada also incorporates our proprietary Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) technology specific to the Canadian population.  Once E-Tech Canada has analyzed all the available name intelligence and all of the geographic information, it uses our proprietary, culturally sensitive and Canadian specific algorithms to predict the ethnicity and other demographics for each individual record. E-Tech Canada also offers Gender identification for all individuals and four levels of Assimilation for Asian individuals in Canada. For more information, please contact Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies, 866-333-8324 ext.117, 
    Balmoral Multicultural helps lead you into Canada: If you or your client is looking at entering theCanadian ethnic consumer market, Congratulations! The ethnic community in Canada operates very different from the US. While the US prides itself to be the melting pot for multiculturism, Canada is proud to follow a mosaic pattern instead. In Canada, ethnicities are recognized as individual communities and allowed to retain their unique nuances and lifestyles. And today, 20% of Canada's population is a visible minority and interestingly, they are concentrated in specific geographies across the country. Ontario boasts the largest population of ethnic minorities of which over 80% live in the Greater Toronto Area, making the word minority a misnomer. This population of visible minorities in Canada will double while the mainstream population will grow by a mere 10%. Therefore the Canadian ethnic market needs to be recognized and addressed strategically. Balmoral Multicultural is celebrating our 26th year in the business and we are a full service one stop agency bringing to you everything multicultural from research to strategy, creative, media, events, PR and more. Visit us at or call Gautam Nath, Vice President, 001-416-459-7578 or email -
    Meet the Experts

    Acento Advertising
    Founded in 1983, Acento Advertising is an independent advertising agency specializing in Hispanic and Total Market communications. For 30 years, Acento has delivered results for its clients through sound strategy and compelling messaging that connect with U.S. Latino, General Market and Latin American audiences. Our full-service, in-house capabilities include Strategic Planning and Research, Creative, Media Planning and Buying, Digital, Production, Direct Marketing, PR, Promotions, Shopper Marketing and Entertainment. Acento Advertising is the largest Hispanic media biller on the West Coast, placing over $50 million per year in mass and non-traditional media, including digital. Our direct branding approach to marketing is based on measurable, results-oriented creative supported by targeted media. Unlike most agencies, we grew through the recession with steady organic and new business growth, and have averaged 30 percent growth each year for the past several years. Acento Advertising is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Chicago and New York. For more information, please contact Donnie Broxson, EVP, Client Leadership, Acento Advertising, 310-943-8300,
    Emprendedora LLC
    EMPRENDEDORA is a virtual multi-cultural marketing communications firm located in San Antonio,Texas with partner offices in Los Angeles, Miami and Mexico City giving us expanded executional capabilities across the US and Latin America. EMPRENDEDORA is comprised of a team of collaborators who work virtually across the globe with over 200 cumulative years experience in key sales, marketing & communications disciplines spanning all industries. This non-traditional business approach enables us to provide customized cost-effective programs without the client having to worry about high budgets and overhead typical of traditional agency structures. More than the feminine definition of entrepreneur, EMPRENDEDORA symbolizes empowerment, passion, determination, vision and action. EMPRENDEDORA opens doors to brands - always looking for solutions, and sees no obstacles or barriers, sets goals and does not rest until they are met. Specialties include: Shopper Marketing, Branding, Retailtainment, Social Media Marketing, Non-Traditional Marketing, Public Relations, Media Relations, CorpComm, Community Outreach, In-Market Implementation and Staffing. For more information, please contact Sandra Gomez Obregon, Chief of Strategy & Implementation, Emprendedora LLC, 210-591-1564,
    Grupo Gallegos
    We are a full-service advertising agency dedicated to providing clients with strategic marketing solutions, while pushing the boundaries creatively. We have evolved from being a different kind of "Hispanic" agency into what we believe is the most culturally astute agency in the nation. With a team comprised of leading talent from both the Hispanic and General markets, we have built an agency that offers the essential sensibilities and capabilities to help clients navigate the rapid cultural shifts occurring within the U.S. For more information, please contact Jennifer Mull, Chief Marketing Officer, Grupo Gallegos, 714-794-6403,
    MIKADO Marketing
    MIKADO offers a full range of strategic marketing services geared specifically towards ethnic communities in the U.S. Headquartered in Colorado with team members positioned in key ethnic markets across the country, MIKADO works with startups and Fortune 500 companies, utilizing native language-based marketing as well as social and cultural elements to target these communities. In 2015 MIKADO launched an India based support office as well as an internship program in collaboration with several local Universities, totaling the MIKADO team to 12 full-time employees and a selection of contractors and vendors positioned in key ethnic markets across the U.S. As a unique firm, focusing on customer segmentation and cultural assimilation index's, MIKADO effectively propels brands forward, differentiating them from the competitive set. MIKADO works with companies such as Comcast, Unilever, Xoom and Zee TV to define the cultural opportunity, develop and enhance products, and create culturally relevant advertising strategies and campaigns. In addition to working with ethnic agencies and vendors, MIKADO has developed its own internal market research branch, PhoneBooth, to perform detailed, hands-on executional tasks. COMPANY VISION Drawing on a diverse array of strategic frameworks, coupled with a team of international and national marketing experts, MIKADO is poised to not only help brands integrate with the community at a global level but to make multicultural marketing mainstream and a global practice. We are a blend of natural leaders and ethnic experts, driven by community collaboration, striving to set an example for students, graduates and working professionals to excel and grow within the community. As MIKADO continues to grow, our aim is to create global awareness about various cultures, redefining the global markets, and to be front-runners in the assimilation process while simultaneously preserving their unique ethnic profiles. For more information, please contact Sandrine Vohra, CEO, MIKADO Marketing,
    Sheng Li Digital
    Sheng Li Digital is a digitally focussed marketing and advertising agency that helps western brands connect with a Chinese audience. We help companies and brands reach both a local, domestic Chinese audience, such as Chinese living in the USA, and/or an International audience located in China. It's common knowledge that China is a powerhouse. Millionaires are being made there practically everyday and they have money to burn, and they're hungry for western brands. When it comes to digital marketing, almost no one's tapping into this group. They're being ignored. That's largely because the Chinese use different platforms online. Yes, Big Brother is watching in China, which is why the government banned Facebook and Twitter and Google. So instead of Facebook, the Chinese use WeChat and instead of Twitter, they use Weibo and instead of Google, they use Baidu. We go where they are, and employ the same western advertising techniques onto these Chinese specific social media platforms including Weibo, Baidu, and WeChat. When targeting locally, such as the Chinese demographic in the USA, we also use more traditional digital platforms like Google and Facebook where we detect that the user has their language settings set to read Chinese characters. We then combine this with geographic targeting by city or state along with interest targeting to create extremely powerful and effective Chinese advertising campaigns. There is a massive opportunity to tap into the Chinese market. These consumers are hungry to gobble up western brands. Sheng Li has offices in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. Our brand name clients include KLM Airlines and Cirque du Soleil, but also many smaller companies such as auto dealerships, real estate companies and travel organizations. Sheng Li provides a wide range of digital marketing and advertising services across Chinese search and social platforms as well as media buying, translation and design. To find out more, please visit For more information, please contact Chris Breikss, President, Sheng Li Digital, 212-603-9667
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    Featured Events

    Mark your calendars for NAMIC's (National Association of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications) 2016 EVENTS!
    Key Events to follow: 1. 2016 NAMIC Vision Awards - Saluting new and original content since 1994. Electronic Entries are now available on The entry deadline date - January 17th, 2015. 2. Annual Awards Breakfast -  At the INTX  in Boston, MA - May 18, 2016. The NAMIC Annual Awards Breakfast honors Next Generations Leaders (NGLs) and Luminaries and the Mickey Leland Humanitarian Achievement Award Recipient. 3. 30th Annual NAMIC Conference -  Now entering a new milestone in its 30th year on September 20-21, 2016. The Annual NAMIC Conference stands out as Cable Diversity Week's Premier Event! 4. NAMIC Leadership Seminars - For professionals from all ethnic and cultural groups who are beginning to reflect on their organizational contributions and career trajectories.  To be held in Washington DC (March 30-April 1, 2016), Denver, CO (July 27-29, 2016) and San Diego, CA (October 26-28, 2016). To learn more about NAMIC in 2016 go to
    Get National Recognition for Your Multicultural Work! 
    Let the American Advertising Federation shine a spotlight on your 
    company's creativecampaigns and initiatives that celebrate diversity and inclusion and join the who's who in the advertising business at the 2016 Mosaic Awards.  Submit your work and join an elite class of advertising, marketing and media companies that have played a pivotal role in creating inclusive work and business practices.  Don't miss out! Submission deadline is February 5, 2016.  Enter online here.
    5th Annual Multicultural Health National Conference, Oct 27-28, 2016, Philadelphia
    Save the Date for the 5th annual edition of The Multicultural Health National (MCHNational), the premier and only multicultural conference focusing on the healthcare industry and a must attend event for pharma executives, ad agencies, insurers, hospitals and media companies. The event, to be held at The Sonesta Philadelphia, Oct 27-28, 2016, will, for the first time, be co-located with 2nd annual Patient Engagement Through Physicians and Pharmacists Conference which will take place the days before, on Oct 25-26, 2016. The Multicultural Health National conference will feature case studies of successful examples of healthcare marketing and specific focus areas for each key multicultural population segment in America including African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans and LGBT consumers. This 1 ½ day conference also features one evening of awards with a dinner reception celebrating recipients of the Best in Multicultural Health Marketing Awards and the client-side executives selected for the Outstanding Multicultural Marketers Awards.This year's speaker line up already includes Michael Myers, SVP, Public Affairs and Rev. Percy McRay, National Director of Faith-Based Programs, Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. among others. Register here here To be kept informed of speakers as they are announced and learn about sponsorship opportunities and conference agenda, contact Scott Ehrlich, VP, DTC Perspectives at or 770-559-0702 or visit

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