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GfK Custom Research North America

Focused on inspiring innovative business decisions, GfK Custom Research North America is part of the GfK Group, the world's fourth largest market research company.  GfK Custom Research North America combines the global resources of the GfK Group with the local knowledge of North America's leading research and consulting companies delivered by more than 700 employees in the US and Canada. Beyond our sector-specific experts, specialty practice areas and research centers for excellence, we deliver unmatched knowledge designed to help your business grow. By offering you access to several of the world's largest databases combined with a full-range of ad-hoc research services, GfK Custom Research North America delivers proven, state-of-the-art solutions developed from a 360° view of your market. These include GfK Roper Hispanic OmniTel®, GfK Unacculturated Hispanic In-Person Research Program, In-Language Qualitative and Ethnographic Research, GfK Automotive’s In-Language Image Barometer Studies and more. For more information contact Liz Tillman, Visit