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Tribeca Film Institute’s® Historic Tribeca All Access® Program Expands to Include Interactive Storytellers through $200,000 Grant from MacArthur Foundation

Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) will expand its Tribeca All Access (TAA) program to include grants and resources for interactive storytellers statistically underrepresented in the media maker community, made possible by $200,000 in support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Since 2004, the diversity-focused TAA program has served as TFI’s premiere scripted and documentary filmmaker program, specializing in providing a range of programming for storytellers who create groundbreaking films that bring unheard voices to the mainstream. As a result of this expansion, TFI will implement three new programming initiatives under TAA: an Interactive Prototype Fund, a workshop for TAA Interactive grantees and a dedicated TAA hackathon. These initiatives will also broaden the program’s diversity of artistic mediums and create engaging and infinitely ‘share-able’ work to inspire dialogue and action about issues facing our society. Submissions for the inaugural Interactive Prototype Fund, which aims to build new bridges between technology and filmmaking, opened on January 8th. The grant will encourage the development of exceptional and novel ideas from applicants for projects, rather than work that is already in development. The second programming initiative is the residential workshop, which will be offered to TAA Interactive grantees and will run for three consecutive days during Fall 2015. Led by an experienced facilitator and TFI staff, this workshop will allow the grantees to engage with their projects and build community with each other in order to encourage more collaboration in this emerging space. Lastly, to amplify the message of the work being achieved through the TAA Interactive grants, TFI will design an audience-facing hackathon to rapidly prototype projects around a central issue or theme. TFI, in partnership with The MacArthur Foundation, will develop the topic and programming, which will reflect the organizations’ mutual goals for social impact. This hackathon will be held over a 4-5-day-long workshop with an emphasis on the final product. The participants will be different from the Interactive Prototype Fund grantees, and will be selected with an eye towards diversity in recognition of the serious lack of diversity in the technology field. For more information and Rules & Regulations on the grants, please visit Tribeca Film Institute website,