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The New Victory Theater’s El gato con botas

After directing 33 Variations, Moisés Kaufman knew he wanted to direct an opera next.  “I’ve staged classical music before, and it's unlike directing anything else,” he said. So when Gotham Chamber Opera came to him and his company, Tectonic Theater Project, with the opera Puss in Boots (El gato con botas), he fell in love with it immediately and jumped at the chance to direct the production.  “Montsalvatge is one of the great Spanish composers of the last century, and Puss in Boots not only has depth and sophistication, but it's also very funny and witty.  The best way to describe this music is like looking at a building from Antonio Gaudi! It has the same charm, humor and daring,” Moisés said. Making Puss in Boots even more exciting for Moisés and Gotham Chamber Opera is the chance to work with London’s Blind Summit, one of the best puppet companies in the world today.  All three artistic powerhouses are in love with Montsalvatge's spirit, mischief and playfulness. What is it like for Moisés to direct a production for young audiences?  “Liberating!  Children's imaginations are so active.  The task is to make sure we use that to our greatest advantage.” Two performances were in Spanish. All other performances in English. All performances supertitled in English. For more information about Puss in Boots (El gato con Botas), visit