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Homecoming King: Hasan Minhaj’s One Man Show at The Cherry Lane

In the tradition of Spalding Gray, John Leguizamo and Mike Birbiglia, Homecoming King is a one man show delivered as a “monologue meets stand-up-podcast” by Hasan Minhaj telling his immigrant story in this funny and touching Off-Broadway show now playing at The Cherry Lane theater in Greenwich Village. This show alternates performances with another type of immigrant story playing at the same theater, Colin Quinn in “The New York Story.” In the 80 minute “Homecoming King” Minhaj, the “Daily Show” correspondent and humorist, shares his heart-wrenching stories of growing up as a first generation Indian-American. It’s the story of, as he calls it, the “New Brown America” and he shares it as a kind of therapy that, he tells us, story telling can be.  “We’re all in this together” he says and, hoping to inspire others to tell their story, his website and social media outlets including @HasanMinhaj encourage interaction via #homecomingkingshow. The culture of “Log kya kahenge” or “What will People Think” informs his life, he explains.  It’s “the killer of every brown kid's dreams.”  In Spanish it’s “El quedirán", or What Will People Say as a fan and friend shares with him online.  This very personal connection with the audience happens thanks to the emotional resonance with anyone who experienced bullying, overbearing parents, early love confusion and heartbreak. When he shares his story of how he, a Muslim, married a girl from a Hindu family, a gasp from some in the audience told him that his  “Mishpucha” was at the show. For those that didn’t grasp the significance he compared the marriage to a Montague and Capulet. For the complete comedic history of NY and The American Dream from past to present we suggest an ultimate evening of a great double feature -- the 730 pm Colin Quinn telling of the NY experience followed by Hasan Minhaj at 930 pm. Homecoming King  runs through November 15th

By Lisa Skriloff