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“Gored: A Love Story” and “El Cinco” at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Choosing between seeing a chick flick or a violent sports film? Two films on the schedule at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival give you both in each. “Gored: A Love Story” from Spain and “El Cinco” a love story from Argentina both give the woman’s perspective as they “stand by their man” as the soccer captain of the Talleres team gets suspended for 8 games for his red card behavior and Antonio Barrera earns the superlative “Most Gored Bullfighter in History.” Patón, the soccer captain, has his midlife crisis at 35, as he decides to retire, but what should he do for the rest of his life? Ale, his adorable wife, offers career suggestions, new business ideas (a bar? A lingerie store?), math lessons, English classes, and keeps him company on the roof deck in the middle of the night when he can’t sleep. When Patón’s father asks her what Patón says about his plan for retirement, she tells him that " Patón won’t talk about it. I wonder who he gets that from, her father-in-law says. Barrera’s wife, in this fascinating documentary, says “I never ask him when he is going to retire.” In the two films, I patiently watched the goals and gorings to get back to the real heroines, the wives. Their silence and silent actions keep their husbands anchored when their worlds are turned upside down. Ale knows when to cajole, tease, yell, kiss or, when she can’t convince him that they shouldn’t buy the expensive mustard while shopping together at the market, to simply take the jar out of the cart and put it back on the shelf when he isn’t looking. A sweet movie, El Cinco will delight you. In Gored, we see how, this time, the superlative “most” is not the “best.” The camera shows us his scars, under his chin, between his eyes, and works its way down his legs. Sometimes he’s the one being carried triumphantly out of the bullring lifted on shoulders while the bull gets dragged out by the hooves behind a tractor. Other times, a gored Antonio gets carried out under his arms and legs and rushed to the medical office/operating room that seems to be inside every Plaza de Toros. As he too, finally decides to retire, much to the relief of his wife, we see his traje de luces jacket in a specially built display case inside the family home in Salamanca.  

By Lisa Skriloff,