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Save the Date: Emerge Smarter Webinar - Unraveling the Complexities of Cultural Identity - July 25


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Unraveling the Complexities of Cultural Identity


Date: Thursday, July 25 | 12:30 pm CT

Cultural identity is more complex now in terms of how we view ourselves, it goes beyond demographics.

Does “multicultural” in this broad sense seem overwhelming or unfamiliar to you and your team? Join C+R’s dedicated CultureBeat® team for a spirited panel discussion as they bring rich context to the modern multicultural consumer’s psyche to help your brand understand how to best serve this multifaceted population.

During this videotaped round table discussion, you will hear about:
• The evolution of cultural identity, and 
• How brands can adjust mindfully regarding multicultural consumers, and 
• How to use research to think about product portfolios, communication, and representation

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