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PM3 Can't. Settle. Down.

PM3 Can't. Settle. Down.
We all remember the sage wisdom of our parents telling us to eat our vegetables at dinner, so we can "grow big and strong." Well, apparently PM3, a multicultural agency, has been on a juice diet because they've been on the rise. Far from their humble beginnings, PM3 currently has two office locations, with their HQ in Atlanta, Georgia, and the other in Bogota, Colombia.
Recently, PM3 was recognized by Ad Age as the 4th largest Independently Owned Hispanic Agency in the U.S. When PM3 began, their initial vision to advertise to the multicultural market could've been considered a gamble, but given their consistent growth, the odds are clearly in their favor. As the Hispanic-American demographic grows like a kudzu vine, PM3 continues to do what they do best; connect brands to Latino consumers.
They don't seem to be settling down anytime soon as they have just entered a new partnership with Worldwide Partners, Inc. By doing so, they are now members of a global network consisting of 68 independent agencies with locations in over 40 countries. Now, PM3 can diversify their capabilities tenfold and stay on the cutting edge of creative offerings for their current and prospective clients. In the wake of PM3's progression, it will be interesting to see how their new partnership unfolds. They just need to keep eating their veggies.
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