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Meet the Expert: Roshini Rajkumar, President of Roshini Performance Group

Roshini Rajkumar, President of Roshini Performance Group, joins Multicultural Marketing Resources' Speakers Showcase at

Opinion Access Corp. Hires Noris Medina to Head up Hispanic Marketing Division

Long Island City, NY (February 8, 2011) - Opinion Access Corp. hired Noris Medina as Director of their Hispanic Marketing Division. Medina brings with her 11 years of marketing and sales experience in the market research industry, most recently at a Senior Account level at International Data Corporation's Latin American division. She has experience working within South and Central America and the Caribbean. Medina holds a B.S. in Business Administration and graduated summa cum laude from Metropolitan University.  Read more >>

What Was Groupon Thinking?, by Saul Gitlin, EVP, Strategic Services, Kang and Lee Advertising

Imagine this: A Groupon Superbowl TV commercial opens with rich images of ancient culture and tradition... on the West Bank. We see the sun rising over a minaret, punctuated by calls for morning prayer. Cut to a quick glimpse of a famed religious site -- the Cave of the Patriarchs, perhaps? We then see a man walking towards us, wearing traditional robes and headdress, as a voice-over mentions the 'plight of the Palestinian people.' Then, the camera pulls back, and we see the man is actually walking towards a table in a stylish, richly appointed dining room, carrying a plate of chumus, tehina, eggplant salad, pita, and steaming meat skewers -- just as a (famous) diner speaks of the great Groupon he and his friends got for that Middle Eastern restaurant in Chicago.  Read more >>

Meet the Expert: Jo Muse, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Muse Communications

Jo Muse, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Muse Communications joins Multicultural Marketing Resources' Speakers Showcase at,_Jo

Reach Corporate Multicultural Mktg Execs, Agencies and Media via our Black History Month Issue of MMRNews

Promote Your News in our Black History Month Issue of Multicultural Marketing News Online and Reach Key Multicultural Marketing Executives at Fortune 500 Corporations, Plus Agency Side Executives and Media  Read more >>

Insights Marketing Group adds to Expertise with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

(Miami, Florida. February 3, 2011) Rebeca Cantú Helmstetler has joined Insights Marketing Group (IMG) as Senior Project Director. She is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with 15 years experience in qualitative research.  Read more >>

Experts Sought to List in The Source Book of Multicultural Experts, 2011/12

New York, NY, February 2, 2011 - Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) announces that it is now accepting new and renewal listings for the upcoming publication of the 14th edition of The Source Book of Multicultural Experts, 2011/2012. This is also the time for experts who are currently listed to review and update their information. The Source Book is a unique directory that provides resources for corporate and agency side marketing executives and contacts for journalists. Since our first edition, thousands of copies of The Source Book of Multicultural Experts have been distributed each year.   Read more >>

E-Tech Black History Month Newsletter

Achievements in Black History
With the celebration of Martin Luther King's 82nd birthday on Monday January 17th and the coming to the end of the second year of office for our first black president, E-Tech would like to honor all those who contributed to African American History achievements. The 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States marked a defining moment in both American and World history. This historic event was another step toward Martin Luther King's dream of a more equitable society.  Throughout Black History Month, we remember how Black American leaders of all kinds helped to bring our Nation together.  Read more >>

IDT Corporation Taps Factory 360 as Lead Agency for Event Marketing

Factory 360 Hires Belkis Gunduz to Lead the IDT Account

New York, NY, February 1, 2011 - Event / Experiential marketing agency Factory 360 has been tapped by IDT Corporation to be their lead agency for event marketing. The IDT initiative is a nationwide program aimed at promoting the IDT / Tigo branded phone top-up cards in top tier markets in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, DC, Maryland, Virginia as well as the NY/NJ/CT area. IDT is the world's largest provider of pre-paid and top up phone cards and a Fortune 1000 listed company.  Read more >>

Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2011 and Beyond

Top multicultural marketing experts weigh in with their informed opinions on what to expect in Multicultural Marketing in 2011 and over the next decade. Read on to learn what these experts have to say about marketing to African Americans, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, the GLBT consumer market and people with disabilities.  Read more >>