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New African-American Market Report Now Available from Claritas


Are you capturing the growth that the Black consumer market represents?

U.S. Blacks command $1.3 trillion in annual buying power and hold a staggering aggregate spend worth $780 billion. Despite this, corporate marketing investments still continue to under-value the Black consumer segment, which suggests that they have inadequate knowledge of the value of marketing to Blacks and the effect it may have on their bottom line. To win the Black consumer, corporate marketing departments must replace assumptions with information, and ethnic stereotypes with facts and insights.

In our 2020 African-American Market Report, you will get the facts and insights you need to sell smarter and win bigger! Get your FREE copy today!

In Celebration of Black History Month, we are releasing our latest 2020 African-American Market Report!

In this report, we provide in-depth data on Black consumers in the U.S. today, including their demographics, economics, media behaviors and spending within key categories. This report will give you the understanding needed to genuinely engage this valuable population segment and feel more secure in developing marketing strategies that will help your business gain their share of this large, fast-growing, and influential market.

If you want to increase top line sales by focusing on the projected trillion-dollar Black consumer market, download your copy of our new 2020 African-American Market Report! 

Learn more about...
  • Current Black Population Counts
  • Past and Projected Growth Counts 1990-2024
  • 2024 Black Generational Cohorts by Percent
  • Top 20 Black DMAs By Count vs. Growth 2010-2019
  • Black Household Income and Income Ranges
  • Black Level of Education and Occupations
  • Black Devices/Brands Owned and Carriers Used
  • Black Internet Sites/Streaming/Social Sites Used
  • Top Ways Blacks Used Internet/Apps on Smartphone
  • Items Bought by Blacks on The Internet in Past Year
  • Financial Services Blacks Used by Household
  • Top Black Household Consumer Spending Categories and much, much more!
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