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Multicultural Research: 4 Blogs Highlighting Lifestyle Dimensions of Black/African-American Culture

CultureBeat Multicultural Research: Four Blogs Highlighting Lifestyle Dimensions of Black/African-American Culture

CultureBeat, C+R Research's multicultural research division, put together a four-part blog series that highlights specific lifestyle dimensions within the Black/African-American culture. 
The contributions and impact of this collective and various other cultural groups often go unnoticed as they become part of mainstream America. In marketing and market research in particular, it is important to understand the root and nuances of these influences and patterns in order to get a good handle on how they touch other cultural groups, effectively becoming a multicultural phenomenon.
The topics covered in this series include:

This series sheds light on how we at C+R think marketers can leverage these insights to bring value to their brands and resonate not only with this community but with cultural groups who are affected by their struggles, triumphs, and daily cultural practices.
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