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MLG International - Preserving Ideas Across Languages

MLG International is a one stop source of Language Solutions, providing the best and most cost effective language services.

Dub your corporate videos and presentations to create captivating recordings. Transform your websites and graphics into eye-catching visuals that appeal to multilingual clients across the globe. Translate accurately your brochures, contracts or any other document. Whatever your translation needs, MLG International is the highest quality and most dependable translation service for your organization.

Located around the world, and translating into their native language, our translators and designers apply their innate knowledge and experience of the cultural nuances and the linguistic customs of your target audience.

We offer three integrated core services:

•   Translation:

At MLG International, we don't just translate words - we translate concepts, ideas and visions. As linguists with a love of language, we are committed to translating documents that read smoothly and accurately, whether for clients in Paris or Hong Kong.

We work in over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

Each project undergoes a detailed three-step translation, editing and proofreading process.

Our team is experienced in a wide variety of fields, including law, information technology, marketing, mass communication, healthcare, retail, science, and politics, among others.

•   Desktop Publishing:

MLG International translates websites, brochures and desktop presentations - transforming them into tools you can use to captivate a culturally diverse audience.

Using advanced graphic programs, we communicate with our clients' IT departments, speaking the technical terms of website design while relieving you of that burden.

We work with programs such as Photoshop,  Illustrator, Flash, ImageReady, InDesign, Quark Express, among others.

With wide-ranging experience working with many different font families, we translate a variety of graphics, with or without source files. And we work with you to help maintain your corporate identity throughout each project.

•   Audiovisual:

MLG International transcribes, translates, and produces professional recordings, providing high quality multilingual audiovisual material.

Our services include:

               • Dubbing > Voice-Over / Lip-Synch
               • Subtitling
               • Transcriptions
               • Video Editing

With over ten years of experience, our skilled team of talents and directors takes care of every aspect of production, using state-of-the-art technology, equipment and facilities.

We work in all ranges of video resolution, from standard to high definition (HD), and we handle a variety of file formats.
We make all our processes simple, dynamic and efficient in order to deliver the best quality services on time every time.

I look forward to discussing your multilingual needs and how we may assist in providing the best and most cost effective solution for your projects.
Kind Regards,

Jorge de Ezcurra │ Director of Sales & Marketing

4141 North Miami Ave. Suite 304, Miami, FL 33127
1 (305) 951-1977 / 1 (305) 961-1642