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Inspired Health Strategies: Helping Patients Manage Cultural Barriers and their Health

One World DMG broadens its commitment to patient adherence by adding Inspired Health Strategies -  a company focused on changing patient behavior and removing cultural barriers to health.

Warren, New Jersey, March 24, 2011 - One World DMG, a New Jersey-based company focused on patient education and compliance packaging, announced the addition of Inspired Health Strategies to its group of patient-centric companies. The new company offers measurable and sustainable results by building targeted programs that address the myriad of lifestyle and cultural barriers that get in the way of patients managing their health.

Inspired Health Strategies, under the direction of Dyan Bryson, is taking on the challenge of nonadherence by developing initiatives that change patient behavior. "We reject solutions that promise to be all things to all people," says Bryson.

According to Bryson addressing nonadherence could add billions to the pharmaceutical industry's bottom-line while improving health outcomes for patients & providers; reducing overall health care costs to payers and public. Among the startling statistics -

  • $USD 280 billion opportunity lost annually to nonadherence.[1]
  • 3.8 billion prescriptions are written annually.[2]
  • 1.3 billion, or 31%, of these prescriptions will never get filled.[3]
  • 40% of the patients who do fill the prescriptions will not take their medications as directed.[2]
  • 125,000 deaths and $100 billion in direct annual costs to the US healthcare system result from patient nonadherence.[4]

Patient nonadherence has many different causes [5] - the usual reasons that bubble up are high cost, low education, and lack of health insurance coverage. However, even having health coverage does not ensure adherence [6]. The bottom line is patients - people - have barriers to managing their health. Many of these barriers are culturally related [7] and are not widely recognized by healthcare practitioners. Developing initiatives that truly put the patient at the center can help improve health disparities, adherence, and health-related costs.

One example of the impact health disparities can have on healthcare quality can be seen in data provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) [8]. Findings indicate that although Blacks and Hispanics fair poorly versus Whites, it is often income closely followed by race that dictates who receives the worst healthcare in the United States.

Bryson, who is the Managing Partner/Vice President of Patient Strategies and Outcomes for Inspired Health, believes the many challenges to patient adherence demand an urgent, collective response on the part of the stakeholders - patients and their caregivers, providers, payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, employers, government entities, and communities.

One World Inspired Health's programs are designed to harness the strength of these groups and organizations to help inspire and support healthy patients.

"The costs associated with patient noncompliance are staggering and very well-documented," says One World DMG CEO, Fred Pether. "Pharmaceutical companies are being challenged - more than ever before - to take dramatic action towards reducing both the costs and the health-related issues associated with this problem. The addition of Inspired Health Strategies allows us to offer our clients measurable strategies that address health disparities and cultural barriers."

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One World Inspired Health Strategies (, based in Warren, New Jersey, builds targeted initiatives that address the myriad of lifestyle and cultural barriers that get in the way of patients managing their health.
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One World DMG (, based in Warren, New Jersey, designs and manufactures innovative patient education and compliance solutions including original compliance packaging, patient starter kits, reusable injection simulators, and educational models.

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Press contact:    Patricia Fox    908-769-1234 ext. 126
For more information contact:    Dyan Bryson    908-769-1234 ext. 147