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GlobalWorks Uses 3D Technology To Promote Cablevision's Optimum Triple Play

All media campaign transcends cultural divides

GlobalWorks' new campaign for Cablevision's Optimum Triple Play, using 3D technology, offers high entertainment value relevant to both mainstream and Hispanic cultures while deploying strong direct response tactics.

The initiative, targeting General and Hispanic markets, is called "Optimum 3D Adventure" and encompasses a range of tactics produced in both English and Spanish languages, including: 60-second TV spots, 3D Micro-sites with online video game section, online banners, and newspaper FSIs and print ads. In addition, the campaign features an English-language 3D cinematic version, presently being shown at movie theaters in the New York region; movie theater posters; elements of mobile and social media, and a robust sweepstakes initiative, explained Jose Velez Silva, Group Account Director at GlobalWorks.

 "Having a client that supports innovative approaches, and the in-house talent to create, design and produce every element of this multi-platform, multi-media, multi-cultural campaign, made the difference" said Anna Radzievsky, agency Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer.

"Cablevision's Optimum Triple Play is a fusion of entertainment and the latest technology there is" said Mans Angantyr, GlobalWorks' President and Chief Interactive Officer.

"The campaign is a blend of digital 3D technology extended across a number of marketing platforms and a high-energy, music-backed storyline focused, in the end, on a phone number." Said Iñaki Escudero, GlobalWorks' Group Creative Director:

"Our vision of culture encompasses far more than ethnic uniqueness. We see culture as the codes that define a group of people with similar interests-from ethnic to social and beyond."

"Optimum 3D Adventure is truly a campaign without borders. It's aimed at the New American Mainstream, and promotes Optimum's Triple Play in a way that's relevant to all cultures" said Yuri Radzievsky, CEO of GlobalWorks.  

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Multicultural Group Account Director
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