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Ethnic Technologies Announces Continuation of Popular Lunch 'n Learn Series at Corporations

                    Ethnic Technologies Announces the Continuation 
of Their Popular Lunch and Learn Series 

Ethnic Technologies announces the continuation of their popular Lunch and Learn Series, which provides specialized Direct Marketing presentations delivered to the in-house team responsible for multicultural marketingThe tailored presentation is comprised of modules selected from the list provided below and then delivered on-site (with lunch included) by E-Tech team

The following topics are available for customized in-house presentations (also available as webinars): 
  • How to Identify Multicultural Customers for Direct Marketing Programs
  • Key Term Definitions: Ethnicity, Onomastics, Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics, Assimilation
  • Predictive Identification Including Segmentation Technologies and the Multi-layer Approach
  • Multicultural America: A Data Driven Look
  • Simplify Data: How Basic Data Yields Complex Information
  • Reconciling Data and Privacy
For more information or to schedule a demonstration or program contact: Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies, Phone (866)333-8324 ext. 117,
Ethnic Technologies (E-TECH) is the Global Leader in Multicultural Marketing, Research, Data Enhancement, Segmentation and Modeling Analytics. The EthniCenter ® from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous multicultural, religious and language preference research. E-TECH's Multicultural Ethnic, Language Preference and Degree of Assimilation Indices outperform the competition in accuracy and response rates time after time. Whether using the data for marketing via social media, search engine marketing (SEM), digital, mailing, telemarketing, email campaigns or modeling, the same excellent results have been achieved.