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Enhanced tools offer added insight - Hispanic Market Weekly

Veteran ethnic marketing public relations firm Multicultural Marketing Resources (MMR) has revamped its website, adding new features that give clients detailed insight and an array of experts targeting multicultural and niche markets.

The site – - now offers searchable directories of multicultural marketing and diversity experts. The free searches allow clients and users to seek out ethnic advertising agencies, marketing and communications firms, market research companies, ethnic media as well as speakers on multicultural marketing and diversity.

Executives at MMR point out that the searchable online format responds to requests corporate executives, agency managers and journalists. These complement MMR’s annual Source Book of Multicultural Experts, which the firm has published for the last 13 years.

"As interest for an online version intensified, we didn’t just want to translate the directory and post it online," says Lisa Skriloff, president of MMR. "It made more sense to add functionality so that users could search by various filters and by company type."

Among the new tools, is an RFPs section, where can post requests for proposals or requests for information seeking out agencies or other types of providers. Journalists working on multicultural-related stories can seek out experts or post queries on the website for other users to respond.

Although MMR doesn’t specialize in agency selections, sometimes clients do call requesting guidance, notes Skriloff. Recently, a sports-oriented company sought out MMR’s guidance on finding a local agency they could work with.

"That’s when I realized that by having it online, the client could input the necessary criteria and it would give them a first batch of providers to look at," Skriloff adds.

Detailed information about the growing footprint of ethnic and niche markets in the U.S. is delivered via special sections on Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and American Muslims, among others; as well as on disciplines including direct marketing, guerrilla marketing or translations services.

"Companies have a specific need for category expertise – be it banking, real estate, travel, or others; they can find experts on the subjects or people with knowledge of the industry that can train employees at a company," says Skriloff. "On the website, they can drill down to a specific sector or for services provided."

Here’s a closer look at some of the new features on MMR’s website:

  • Speakers Showcase - find a multicultural/diversity speaker available for events ranging from conferences to internal training sessions.
  • Press referrals - connect with and respond directly to mainstream, trade and ethnic media looking for sources on multicultural marketing/diversity.

Hispanic Market Weekly

Published: November 30, 2010