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DROZDY Rites of Spring: DrozdyART Show, Drozdy Concert and Phoenix Chamber Ensemble Concert in May in NYC

Under the umbrella of Stravinsky Institute Foundation, the three birds of feather DROZDY, DrozdyART, and Phoenix Chamber Ensemble have been delighting audiences in New York and abroad with best in Syncretic Existential Genre - Fine Art, Classical Music, and Rock by artists who grew up in the Soviet Union and spent at least two decades in the United States.  The synthesis of opposing sensibilities brought forth great works of art for you to contemplate and enjoy.

DrozdyART Show on Sunday May 1 at the Academy Mansion (free admission)
Drozdy Concert on Saturday May 14 at the Triad (buy tickets here)
Phoenix Chamber Ensemble Concert on May 19 at the Center for Jewish History (buy tickets here)
Please make sure to visit DROZDY and affiliates at:,  


The weather has turned warm and DRØZDY Rites of Spring are about to commence.
You are cordially invited to attend DRØZDYART Show on Sunday May 1st at the Academy Mansion (2 East 63rd Street in Manhattan - free admission)
5-7 -  bask in best of Syncretic Existential Art - prominent New York artists marked by a synthesis of American and Soviet weltanschauungs
7-7:30 - partake of glory of Bach's suites in G-major and D-minor performed by a member of Phoenix Chamber Ensemble - Robert LaRue
7:30-9 - contemplate the revealed meanings and harmonies  
Curated by Ilya Shevel
In association with Stravinsky Institute Foundation
With a generous support from the Blavatnik Family
This is the first time in history when all three components of Stravinsky Institute Foundation - DRØZDY, DRØZDYART, and Phoenix Chamber Ensemble - are seamlessly integrated into one event.
From the fog of the empire that is no more, comes a cultural force that integrates Soviet artistic expression, American rock and roll, and European post-modernism.  When at the last strike of the dying millennium, father time planted his seed in the nebulous substance known as fate, the winged offspring of the union was conceived and later named DRØZDY.  

DRØZDY is the name of the band. It was formed in New York City in 2007. At the core of the group is a duo of Soviet born-and-bred Americans: Alex Kustanovich and Vadim Moldovan. They came from the distant world of the United Soviet Socialist Republics (СССР) over 30 years ago with the cultural heritage of a fallen empire which they synthesized with the American experience and forged a bond of affinity and collaboration with Phoenix Chamber Ensemble.   

Phoenix Chamber Ensemble is a kindred bird of feather under the direction of Vassa Shevel and Inessa Zaretsky and consisting of world-renowned musicians, has been delighting its audiences for the past six years in New York and abroad with a magnificent repertoire of classical chamber music.

DRØZDY is a critically acclaimed New York music phenomenon in the genre of Syncretic Existential Rock (SER). The songs of DRØZDY - in English and Russian - are windows into the soul of a postmodern man, every one of them spanning the chasm between the Soviet era and postmillennial America.  

DRØZDY is a cultural phenomenon which draws its creative energies from integrating English and Russian narratives, American and Soviet cultures. Dense lyrics in Russian and English speak of the post-modern existential angst and dialectic transcendence. Haunting melodies are strangely evocative of the Soviet pop and American ballad. DRØZDY roost on the cultural crux.

From the start it was a phenomenon to behold. Rending the veil of illusion DRØZDY liberated the senses of those who were ready to listen. The creme de la creme of the New York cultural cognoscenti has been awed by this movement from its very inception and craved visual representations in fine art. Prominent New York artists of migratory ilk - those who were raised in the Soviet Union and worked in the U.S. for many years were  inspired by the realization of their collective destiny and flocked to the DRØZDYART movement. Their first show on May 1st curated by Ilya Shevel is yours to behold.

DRØZDY defined its own genre. The oracular slant of the band's lyrics compelled and mystified listeners throughout the world.  In order for the new to take form, the old must yield to the dialectic process. And DRØZDY embodies the spirit of artistic synthesis. DRØZDY coolly soar over its domain, which abuts the landscape of the Soviet culture and the terrain of the American destiny.

Vocals: Alex Kustanovich, Vadim Moldovan & Luba Orlovskaya
Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Accordion: Alex Kustanovich
Guitar: Dean Bailin
Bass: Vadim Moldovan
Percussion: Eldon Simms

All songs written by Vadim Moldovan & Alex Kustanovich
Songs arranged by Dean Bailin of Four Cats Studios
Conceptual, ideological, and technical support: Joseph Safronovich
Website: Gene London