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Download Now: The New Millennial CPG Shopper Report!


In this report we'll look at... 
  • Top Metro Areas and ZIP Codes for Millennials
  • Millennials & Grocery Store Shopping Habits & Preferences
  • Beverage Shopping Habits & Preferences
  • Their Shopping Values & Loyalties
  • And How They Acquire and Use Coupons

Plan your marketing strategy for your next CPG product launch with fresh insights from Claritas' Millennial CPG Shopper Report

At nearly 75 Million, Millennials make up 23% of the total U.S. population. Reaching this diverse group effectively requires the predictive knowledge of how their attitudes and motivations shape their purchasing decisions. Targeting Millennial shoppers smarter means understanding their generation and their different ethnicities and races.

In our recent Millennial CPG Shopper Report, we highlight how Millennials of each major race and/or ethnic group approaches regular tasks like shopping for groceries, beverages, packaged goods and more, to help you deliver media when and where they want to be engaged, with remarkable precision.
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