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Deadline is Wednesday, May 11 for Experts to List in MMR's Printed Source Book of Multicultural Experts, 2011/12

New York, NY, May 4, 2011 - Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) announces the approaching deadline for companies to be included in the upcoming publication of The Source Book of Multicultural Experts, 2011/2012. The Source Book is a unique directory that provides resources for corporate and agency side marketing executives and contacts for journalists. Since our first edition, thousands of copies of The Source Book of Multicultural Experts have been distributed each year, including distribution at key multicultural marketing conferences all year long.

NEW this year: those who list in the Source Book at the "company profile level" will have their listing repeated in the Multicultural Experts Directory on our website, browsed by multicultural marketing, HR and purchasing executives and press.

Should your company be listed? The answer is YES if you are interested in reaching corporate marketing executives looking for agencies, research firms, media and other resources to reach the Hispanic, African American, Asian American, and other consumer markets as well as journalists looking for experts to interview.

You can view the current edition of The Source Book of Multicultural Experts in pdf format here. The next edition, updated for 2011/2012 will include additional listings and articles.

To learn more about the Source Book, please visit

For more information and to list your company in the online directory, visit

If you wish to include your company in the directory, please request the listing forms from Lisa Skriloff, president, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. at or call 212-242-3351 to request the forms.

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Please contact Lisa Skriloff, president, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. at 212-242-3351 or, if you have any questions.