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C+C’s new world, new work, new hires


What’s happening at C+C? Well, like you, we’ve been hard at work making sense of a world that looks a lot different than it did in February. We’ve “pivoted” and “adapted” and “new normaled” our way to some work we’re real proud of.


And now we’d like to share it with you.


Spreading the Facts about COVID-19

When the State of Washington needed support to educate residents about COVID-19, C+C jumped into action to help develop the statewide Spread the Facts campaign. Our team developed designs and a media plan based on campaign concepts, messaging and materials created by the Washington State Department of Health, Washington State Health Care Authority, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, and the Governor’s Office. This powerful integrated campaign was transcreated in multiple languages and is running statewide on broadcast, social, digital and outdoor channels. Together, we can all do our part to flatten the curve of coronavirus in Washington state.


Earth Day Goes Digital for its 50th Birthday

For reasons we don’t have to get into, Earth Day plans got thrown for a loop this year. C+C worked with two top energy efficiency agencies to take Earth Day’s 50th anniversary digital. With ENERGY STAR, we created a social video shared by ENERGY STAR partners, honoring the efforts big and small that unite all of us in protecting our planet.With Energy Trust of Oregon, we created a new “Kids Corner” landing page filled with educational resources and activities, as well as an unboxing video featuring free, energy-saving items for use at home. 


Turning the Tables to Serve Seattle’s Restaurant Workers

In the first weeks of closures, C+C helped the Schultz Family Foundation and some of Seattle’s top chefs publicize The Plate Fund, which raised money to support restaurant workers who lost their jobs. The 100,000 people employed by Seattle area restaurants were some of the most impacted individuals in our community. C+C placed 34 media stories about the Fund over two weeks, in both English and Spanish. The Plate Fund raised $7 million and helped 14,000 restaurant workers with immediate cash payments to help them pay for food, rent and essentials before government assistance kicked in.


Hey, Don’t Flush That

With people spending 23 hours a day at home and toilet paper in short supply, Oregon water utility Clean Water Services had a problem: people clogging pipes and sewers by flushing UNIMAGINABLE stuff down the toilet. C+C and CWS jumped into action, earning eight media placements in English and Spanish and creating ads in less than a week to keep the region’s plumbing clog-free.


Welcome C+C’s VP of Multicultural Strategy


Jennifer Stansfield

We’ve added a new member to our team! Say hello to Jennifer Stansfield, our new Vice President of Multicultural Strategy. In her role, Jennifer ensures C+C infuses multicultural communications and an eye for diverse perspectives into everything we do. She brings more than 20 years of developing multicultural communications programs to our team—including campaigns that helped young Hispanics access cash for college, empowered low-income Latinas to be champions for change and prepared diverse audiences for the Great California Quake. In her free time, Jennifer loves exploring new places with her 7-year-old daughter and writing for her personal travel blog.


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