32nd Annual NAMIC Conference

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October 16-17, 2018
32nd Annual NAMIC Conference
1535 Broadway New York, NY

The 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference is the premiere opportunity to explore diversity and inclusion in the media business landscape. Multiculturalism takes center stage in the era of globalization, business innovation and shifting workforce dynamics. Always fresh and insightful, the Annual NAMIC Conference is where diversity advocates at every level prepare for the media industry’s future. Join NAMIC as we celebrate and amplify voices from across the cultural spectrum.

NAMIC Members: $1,400
Non-Members: $1,675 (one-year NAMIC Membership Included)
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To support the 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference, or to confirm a sponsorship, please contact Sandra Girado, Vice President, Event and Partner Relations at sandra.girado@namic.com or call the NAMIC National office at 212-594-5985.

Register/Info: 212-594-5985, sandra.girado@namic.com http://namic.com/event_item/conference

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