16th Annual Diversity Solutions Best Practices Conference

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September 24, 2018
16th Annual Diversity Solutions Best Practices Conference
Washington, DC

With the recent resurgence of race and gender issues in the workplace, incivility, hate crimes, and workplace violence, can we honestly say that we are moving forward towards a highly diverse, high-functioning inclusive environment in the U.S.? Are we approaching a new millennium or returning to a mentality from a previous decade?

Join JJA Consultants’ interactive professional forum for Diversity practitioners sharing cutting edge best practices within the Diversity, Inclusion, HR, and EEO from Private, Public, Non-Profit, and Academic sector practitioners. Participate with a diverse group of practitioners sharing and applying concepts and tools for results. Gain exposure to leading edge research, tools, and technologies. Learn and share ideas for starting, enhancing, augmenting, and evaluating next-generation diversity efforts through high-value case studies with lessons learned.

Visit: https://diversitybestpracticesconference.com to learn more and register! 
Email info@DiversityCare.com or call 703-359-5969

Register/Info: info@DiversityCare.com or call 703-359-5969 https://diversitybestpracticesconference.com

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