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YOptima Media Solutions

2215 Southeast Blvd
Clinton, NC 28328
Phone: +1 646-712-9293
Aneesh Hiremath, Business Development Lead

YOptima is the programmatic marketing platform of choice for the world's leading brands including PayPal, Dell, Accenture, Lufthansa, BMW, Etisalat, Verizon, Heinz and TOEFL. Our award winning, proven Multicultural Marketing expertise has enabled Marketers in North America reach targeted multicultural audiences in a brand-safe environment across the marketing funnel. Examples of audiences include: Hispanics, Brazilians, LGBTQ, African Americans as well as Asians including Filipino, Chinese, Koreans and South Asians.

Being programmatically plugged into major Ad exchanges, YOptima offers Marketers transparent access to 100 billion+ global ad opportunities daily across video, display, mobile, audio and native ads. We employ multiple audience targeting levers such as: 

Regional Ethnicities & Languages: Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), Spanish, Japanese, Filipinos, South Asians – Indians/ Pakistanis (Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/Punjabi, Urdu) etc.
Contexts across Keywords, OS, Carrier, Device
Geography – Region, City, Zip code, Lat/Long


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Our POV as featured in Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2019 - Your Multicultural Marketing News January 2019 Newsletter

2019 Is the Year for Relevant Multicultural Online Video Ads 
By the end of 2019, 85% of internet traffic in the US is going to be Video as per Cisco's networking reports, and we see ads on this medium becoming culturally relevant in 2019. Video advertisements have become an important part of marketing strategies, as videos allow brands to create a stronger connect and evoke a response better than any other medium. A good example is Toyota's successful 2017 Camry video campaign which had 4 different video ads served to 4 different ethnic audiences. Ethnicity is going to be the new important dimension in addition to Age, Location and Device for serving digital ads. Over the last 2 years, we have seen our Clients enjoy a lot of success through such culturally relevant video ads. Campaign plans have transformed from generic to multicultural video campaigns with life stage targeting. These campaigns carry a single overarching message through relevant and engaging ads across different video versions for different audiences. Through programmatic digital advertising, audiences can be accurately served relevant video ads through multiple channels and levers such as frequency, sequence and control over advertising budget spend to optimize outcomes. At YOptima media solutions, we look forward to partner with Agencies and Brands to harness the power of programmatic media to achieve these outcomes. By Aneesh Hiremath, Lead Global Growth at YOptima Media Solutions-award winning programmatic platform. aneesh@yoptima.com, (646)-712-9293. Visit www.yoptima.com to know more about our comprehensive Programmatic solutions. View company profile here.

Business Type: Advertising Agency, Programmatic Buying
Markets: African American Market,Asian American Market,Chinese Market,Filipino Market,Hispanic Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Middle Eastern,South Asian Market,Vietnamese Market
Industry Expertise: Automotive,Consumer Electronics,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Packaged Goods,Retail,Technology,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism
Services: Advertising,Consulting,Digital/Interactive,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Mobile Marketing,Social Media

Number of employees: 20

Percent Minority Owned: 100%

Percent Woman Owned: 0%
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