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About MediaVillage: MediaVillage drives the business of media forward through industry-leading research, content marketing and business connections that help companies advance across a changing media landscape. It leads the media and advertising community in advancing diversity, inclusion and talent development initiatives under the JACK MYERS KnowledgeExchange umbrella. MediaVillage has been researching and publishing proprietary market intelligence and trend studies for C-Suite executives for more than three decades, delivers revenue generating future-forward industry insights, and provides the only independent economic data and forecast on advertising and marketing investments. MediaVillage member companies are supported by a team of journalists, social media experts, marketers, researchers, industry analysts and experienced business development executives.

About JACK MYERS KnowledgeExchange (JMKE): JACK MYERS KnowledgeExchange advances the media and advertising industry’s leadership in promoting diversity and career development. Its five industry-leading initiatives are,,, Legends&, and JMKE provides essential support and recognition to enhance industry initiatives through best practices, industry honors, diversity-focused events, internships, thought leadership and career development initiatives. To learn more, visit





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Second Annual Hall of Honors and Inclusive Talent Job Fair Takes Place January 9 during CES

Super Bowl LIII's Ads Sidestep the Serious Stuff
It's no secret that those of us who aren't as interested as others in the biggest sporting event of the year still tune in to the Super Bowl for, if nothing else, the (hopefully) amazing commercials. A lot of these commercials are high-budget, water cooler convo-bait, and others, like much of pop culture in general, are a reaction to the world and its current collection of turmoils. Not that too many of us need a refresher, but last year wasn't great, and most, if not all, of the socio-political issues that plagued us then still plague us now (not very surprising since "last year" was all of a month ago). And while last year's game stole the spotlight excitement-wise, leaving the hype of the annual advertisements to come in second, 2019's been a different story. A lackluster game (at best) left many an eye trained on an onslaught of ads from the usual beer and automotive suspects, and while I wanted to come away feeling like advertisers "got it," so to speak, I got a much stronger impression that we were issue-dodging. Representation-wise, it was a mess. Maybe it didn't feel like it to some -- I don't know -- but I barely remember a handful of commercials starring people of color, and I'm including the one with the M&Ms (they are brown, on the inside at least). Point being, besides Cardi B and Lil Jon's Pepsi commercial with Steve Carell, that 2 Chainz and Adam Scott Expensify commercial and that Doritos commercial starring Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys, what else was there, really? Craig Robinson? Sure, that might sound like a lot, but remember these are literally the only three or four commercials starring high-profile people of color that I can even remember. There were at least fifty "Official Big Game Ads" this year. At least. By Ainsley Andrade, MediaVillage. For more information, contact insites@mediavillage.comView company profile here.

2019: P&G and Verizon Define Best Practices for Diversity & Inclusion 
In a recent interview with MediaVillage, P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard commented "There's a heightened awareness and desire to make a difference in the areas of equality -- gender, intersectional, disabilities, religious, economic, cultural. But while expectations are high, progress is somewhat glacial. We're at an important tipping point. We need to set a higher standard and hold ourselves accountable to it." Verizon CMO Diego Scotti, whose AdFellows mentoring initiative is being adopted by marketers, agencies and media companies, told MediaVillage, "It's important for companies to focus on consistency. It's a good thing to sponsor events and fund organizations to try to help. But companies need to get involved in programs that deliver consistently on growing the pipeline of diverse candidates and on inclusive talent retention. We see meaningful change when companies are consistent in implementing change." In 2019, our industry, and especially media companies, will heed the words and examples of Pritchard, Scotti and others by embedding in their organizations proactive initiatives to advance opportunities for a wide spectrum of underserved communities, and to set a high standard for ongoing and consistent support programs that focus on diverse talent retention and leadership development. By Jack Myers, Chairman: MediaVillage; Founder: and the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors. For more information, please contact Diane Stefani / / 212.255.8455.
View company profile here.

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