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Éthnico Advertising

275 Madison Avenue, 1st Floor, Suite 100
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-878-6613
Timothy Yip, SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Éthnico Advertising is a full-service ad agency, specializing in the American multicultural space.

Our Core Services include:
- Brand Strategy & Planning
- Insights and Research
- Creative Development and Execution 
- Cultural Adaptations
- Media Planning and Buying
- Digital and Social Media
- Experiential/Grassroots Activations  

Our Approach to Ethnic Marketing:
- Insights, Strategy and ROI driven
- Connect brands directly with ethnic consumers 
- Develop, plan and manage all ethnic media, including activating grassroots campaigns 

Our Differentiating Factors:
- Ethnic Marketing Intelligence
- Exclusive Research Marketing and Insights Panel helps us and our clients keep a pulse on our ethnically diverse country 
- Our ability to connect with the Asian and Indian American consumer ensures our clients’ objectives will always be met 
- All campaign tactics are tracked, measured and analyzed to ensure we provide the highest ROI by channel

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Éthnico Advertising's Multicultural Summit Webinar: Insights on how to connect with Asian and Indian Americans - March 7th, 11:45 AM EST

Our POV as featured in Multicultural Marketing News - Super Bowl LIII Ads Analysis: A Multicultural Perspective

Super Bowl LIII - New Tech Age of Advertising? 
The 2019 Super Bowl LIII commercials featured diversity in an obvious way. Remember how a couple of Super Bowls ago, it seemed as though most commercials aired were PETA-approved? Warm and fuzzy stories of animals carried the brands and their messages directly to the viewers' heart? This year's Super Bowl Commercials took brand-storytelling to a different and much higher elevations via the tech route.  Whether it was the Amazon Alexa commercial with its humorous spin embracing the potential flaws of the voice-activated AI devices or the Michelob ad where the robot takes on the humans in spinning, running, boxing and emerges triumphant but when it comes to enjoying a cool-frosted beer! The humans have it figured. Then there was the Sprint commercial with Bo Jackson brainstorming with robots. Interspersed with technology was humor. Some of it smile-worthy (Doritos commercial featuring Chance the Rapper and The Backstreet Boys), some barely. When the 2019 Super Bowl commercials are viewed through a multicultural lens, on the surface, they all pass the test. The Alexa/Pringles commercial with a young black male, the Bumble commercial featuring Serena Williams, Planter's spot with Retired Yankee Alex Rodriguez, etc. Yet there's a subtle pattern underneath.  For instance, commercials featuring luxury cars (Mercedes Benz's ad for their A Class or Audi), Beer (Stella Artois), Home Security (SimpliSafe) all have white males as lead actors with a supporting cast comprised of people of various ethnicities. Not sure why multiculturalism has to become obvious only when depicting athletes or rap artists who in turn are picked for promoting shoes, drinks and snacks but are rarely seen behind sleek cars or jet-setting places, camping, rock-climbing, bungee-jumping, etc. The slickly produced Toyota RAV 4 commercial featuring Antoinette Harris, the first female football player to receive a college scholarship for a non-kicking position is a clear winner. The crown however goes to Microsoft's We all Win commercial featuring children with disabilities sharing their experience of using the Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller. The genuine smiles on the children's faces made this commercial real. Thank you to Microsoft for featuring disability in a positive and uplifting way. By Timothy Yip/Radhika Panjwani, Éthnico Advertising, www.ethnicoad.com. View company profile here.

Business Type: Advertising Agency, Marketing/Communications
Markets: Chinese Market,Filipino Market,Hispanic Market,Japanese Market,Korean Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Middle Eastern,Multicultural Market,South Asian Market,Total Market,U.S. Emerging African Market,Vietnamese Market
Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Restaurant,Retail,Sports,Technology,Telecommunications,Transportation,Travel/Tourism
Services: Advertising,Brand Building,Consulting,Design,Digital/Interactive,Direct Marketing,Experiential Marketing,Event Planning,Focus Groups,Guerilla Marketing,Integrated Marketing Communications,Market Research,Marketing,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Media Training,Mobile Marketing,Moderator Services,Multicultural Talent and Casting,New Media,Out of Home Advertising,Production,Public Relations,Recruitment,Sales/Promotion,Sampling,Social Media,Sports Marketing,Strategic Planning,Translations

Number of employees: 12

Percent Minority Owned: 100%

Percent Woman Owned: 50%
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