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CultureBeat, a division of C+R Research

500 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1100
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-828-9200
Jorge Martinez, Vice President

Culture defines and shapes consumers, implicitly and explicitly affecting the way we interact with organizations, products and brands. CultureBeat, C+R Research’s multicultural research division, helps brands understand how different cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles – and the dynamics that intertwine them – influence their consumers. Our team focuses on getting to the core of what drives consumers’ interactions with your brands to help you form long-lasting connections with them.

Our CultureBeat team is comprised of a group of researchers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds who bring years of experience and cultural relevance. And our Hispanic research consultancy, LatinoEyes®, brings additional experience and deep understanding of both U.S. and Latino cultures. Our insights are driven by our passion to uncover how culture influences consumers/shoppers and the decisions they make.  We leverage our company’s agility to develop the best research approaches, utilizing both traditional and emerging methods.


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2019... A New Year and New Opportunities to Understand and Connect with Multicultural Consumers!
The last few years have proven to be a test for brands and the marketing community. 2017 and 2018 were charged with events that revolved around America's multiculturalism. Multicultural consumers are looking to be understood and to have their values respected. They thirst for products and brands that get them - and companies that make a point to wholly do so, regardless of color and ethnicity, are embraced by these consumers. Over the years, some big-industry brands have failed to prioritize multicultural consumers: Hispanics, Black, Asian Americans, LGBTQ and non-Hispanic Whites and have oftentimes overlooked them. Now we're seeing a rash of ethnic-born brands popping up to serve the unmet needs of this fast growing and immensely influential consumer base. C+R Research's CultureBeat division specializes in and is passionate about helping brands understand and embrace their multicultural consumers. 2019 will bring more scrutiny and challenges for the multicultural community.  We want to help brands understand their consumers by taking opportunities to walk in their shoes. CultureBeat looks forward to helping you navigate multiculturalism in 2019. Let's talk! By Jorge Martinez, Vice President, LatinoEyes and CultureBeat, 
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Business Type: Market Research Firm
Markets: African American Market,Cross Cultural Market,General Market,Hispanic Market,Latin American Market,LGBT Market,Millennial Market,Multicultural Market,Senior Market (50+),Total Market,Women’s Market,Youth/Teen Market
Industry Expertise: Apparel and Fashion,Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Consumer Electronics,Cosmetics and Beauty,Education,Entertainment/Music,Fast Food,Financial Services,Government,Healthcare,Insurance,Packaged Goods,Pharma/Health,Professional Services,Retail,Technology,Telecommunications,Travel/Tourism
Services: Market Research

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