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275A McCormick Avenue, Suite 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: 714-918-8200
Ingrid Smart, President/CEO

Casanova//McCann is a team of Hispanic consumer experts and integrated marketing specialists who develop breakthrough creative ideas which drive measurable business results for our clients.

Idea Breeders
Screens, big or small don’t move people. Emotions do. Stories do.
Radio doesn’t move people. Music does.
140 characters and a # don’t move people. The idea behind them does.
Media doesn’t move people. Ideas do.
Ideas is what we’re about: creating truthful, powerful, culturally relevant, media-neutral ideas that move people. 
And great ideas are not just born, they’re bred.  Bred by idea people really working together in an inspiring environment. That’s why everything we do, the people we hire, our way of working, our tools and our physical space are designed to create the conditions for breeding ideas that move people and move brands.

Business Type: Advertising Agency
Markets: Hispanic Market,Multicultural Market
Industry Expertise: Automotive,Packaged Goods,Retail,Other
Services: Marketing,Media,Other Full-service Advertising, Digital/Social

Number of employees: 115

Percent Minority Owned: 0%

Percent Woman Owned: 0%
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