Hispanic Traveler Report and Webinar

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Hispanic Traveler Report and Webinar
  • $395.00

Purchase at: http://www.mandalaresearch.com/index.php/purchase-reports

Our new Hispanic Traveler report, produced in conjunction with Longwoods Travel USA, provides comprehensive demographic data and analysis on the U.S. Hispanic Traveler, including:

  •  Spending 
  •  Activities
  •  Social Media Usage
  •  Mode of Transport
  •  Trip Purpose
  •  Trip Planning 
  •  Booking 
  •  Destinations for both day and overnight stays
  •  And much more

This report is essential reading for those who wish to market to this growing segment of the US traveling population. 

With the purchase of this report you will also receive a complimentary seat for an in-depth webinar hosted by Laura Mandala. During this webinar, key findings and marketing insights of the new Hispanic Traveler report will be presented, as well as a discussion on the key marketing points and what can help you to target and attract this powerful demographic of U.S. travelers. 

And, as always, there will be a question and answer portion at the end of the webinar directly with Laura Mandala.