Below are testimonials for Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. and its services and publications.

Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc.

Lisa Skriloff is without question the premier visionary trailblazer who has succeeded in galvanizing the focus on the business case of valuing racial, ethnic and linguistic diversity in America. Thanks to her tenacity and expertise, MMR provides an organized, unique, consistent, and quality platform to showcase industry experts who fuel and sustain the growing multicultural movement in America as U.S. demographics continue to shift. MMR is the quintessential, must-have resource for anyone who wants to find the leading experts in marketing to diverse audiences. ... All true and my pleasure to contribute, Lisa. You’ve done so much for all of us in the choir on this multicultural journey. We need you and MMR, as the struggles continue.
Sheila L. Thorne, President & CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC

Thank you! Great working with you! You are great at what you do.
Christine Lehtonen, President, asterixGROUP

Speakers Showcase

Dear Lisa, I am writing to express my satisfaction with the Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. Multicultural Speakers Showcase. In addition to the leads that I regularly receive from MMR; I have also had a variety of conversations with individuals who have contacted me directly, via the website link, to extend conference speaking invitations. Specifically, Yartish at MMR recommended me to ECRM as a competent candidate to speak on the topic of Hispanic and Specialty Foods Marketing. Thank you for extending to me an opportunity to participate in your Speaker’s Bureau. I look forward to renewing my commitment with you next year!
Laura Sonderup, Managing Director and Senior Strategist, Heinrich Hispanidad

This is a short note to let you know how pleased we were with Multicultural Marketing Resources’ speaker showcase service. The service generated several speaking engagements which ended up putting us in front of key industry executives that we may not have otherwise been able to meet. It’s a service I would recommend to anyone interested in being featured at key industry conferences and functions.
Robert G. Rose, CEO / Executive Producer, AIM Tell-A-Vision Group / American Latino TV

Source Book of Multicultural Experts

LOVE the Source Book and love all of you!
Rick Aguilar, President, Aguilar Productions, Inc

Thank you! That's the best value you guys can bring to small biz like mine!!!  That's why I religiously renew every year!!!
Arminda (Mindy)Figueroa, President, Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications, LLC

We've gotten more leads for new business with our listing in the MMR Source Book than from any other advertising vehicle.  We consider it a must in our advertising mix! It performs better and better every year.  Plus the MMR staff is great to work with!
Pamela Kimmerling-Hoveling, Partner, RK Hispánica Direct

We received an inquiry based on our placement in your Multicultural Source Book. Thanks, Lisa
Esther Misa Chavez, U.S. Sales Director, INQ7 Marketing USA, Inc.

The Source Book of Multicultural Experts is certainly a must-have tool for anyone in the multicultural/diversity field.
Marcela Álvarez, Sunday and Features Editor, Hispanic Press

Reporter testimonials for the Source Book of Multicultural Experts

Hello Lisa, I would like to thank you once again for your help and support on my story about immigration. I am enclosing a copy of an article with some quotes of interviews with Dr. Andy Erlich, Victoria Negrete, and other professionals, and immigrants. You created a whole network to do this project in a very professional manner. I hope we keep in touch in the future. And if I could be of any help don't hesitate to call me. The story was published in several Spanish newspapers in the US, Mexico and South America. I am enclosing a couple of links, from the US and Argentina.
Associated Press

Hi Lisa, Your firm sent me a copy of the Source Book of Multicultural Experts a while back which I've misplaced. Could I get another copy? I've always found it to be helpful, and I'll need it even more now since I am joining the team that covers marketing and advertising for our paper.
USA Today

Eblasts, Press Release Distribution via MMRNews

Eblast Open Rate Report, Press Release Distribution via MMRNews
This is a great showing! I just discussed your reporting. We've executed opt-in eblasts previously and the effort we did last year generated 12.88% and 12.97% opens on two deployments. And those numbers we're considered very, very good. This 16% open rate is excellent!!! Speaking of recipients, the open list is a stellar round-up of really top-tier brands -- many of whom are Nielsen clients, so the information in the release and report should definitely resonate with them.
Regarding the media and ethnic press...we have identified a number of reporters and writers at many of the outlets listed.
Thanks in advance. Very pleased with the outcome thus far!

The professionalism and partnership experience I had with MMR’s team has been outstanding. In putting together and distributing The Forum’s eblast promoting our annual conference, MMR’s team reminded me of deadlines, followed up and monitored our campaign’s progress. A great collaborative and value adding promo spend.  Rocky Buencamino, Marketing Communications Manager for The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

Eblast topic: Multicultural Marketers Needed for U.S. Multicultural Marketing Academic Study  Thanks! I already go 12 enthusiastic responses in the last hour! I'll look out for the links. A great tool for my study! Thanks again!  J.P. James, Rutgers Business School

Eblast topic: NAMIC's Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) - Call for entries deadline June 13th Wow, this is great information. Thank you so much for sharing. I was so pleased to receive a call from Western Union inquiring about the EMMAs and they mentioned they saw the eblast from MMR. So great to see results!      Susan Waldman, Senior Manager, Research and Publications, National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications

I have to tell you that you guys really have a great reach.  The success we have had with this release is just proof we made a good decision to work with MMR.  I get so many of the large corporations saying that they get your eblasts, very rewarding.
Eric Lipp, Open Doors Organization; Eblast topic: Disability Travel On The Rise Despite Barriers To Access

We distributed an eblast press release/announcement promoting our Multicultural Social Communications Leadership Forum via MMRNews newsletter. The response was immediate and we were very pleased with the number of people who then signed up for the conference. We are still getting emails from your list with requests about our next events! This is a great tool and I plan to include MMRNews distribution to your multicultural industry list again in future conference marketing plans.
Steven Etzler, CEO & Founder, Business Development Institute

We've gotten such a tremendous response from the executive list that the feeling is we don't need to go out to the journalists at this time.  However, that could change!  If so, I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again for everything! Multicultural Marketing News really delivered!
Vice President, Marketing, Top 10 Global Research Firm

I look to the MMRNews updates to keep current on multicultural events in my area. I recently attended the Fourth Annual Hispanic Digital And Print Media Conference, which I never would have found had it not been for MMR.  The event was a success, and will certainly have a positive impact on my business.
Matthew Grotenstein, Director US Business Development, CLS Communication

I have used your service and have received terrific results.
Billy Scheiner, New Business Manager, Competitrack.com

I've been meaning to contact you to thank you for your assistance in servicing our release.  The results have been great.  I'm attaching a pdf file of the stories that have broken so far and we are working hard on managing other requests, including Newsday.  We will keep you posted.  FYI -- we made the Sunday New York Times yesterday!!!

Listen, we were so pleased with the results of the co-op e-blast, we are interested in the solo e-blast.  When would be the earliest opportunity that we could get one out?

This was a great tool to get information out. I received more calls and inquiries from people who said they just got the e-mail than from any other source!

Just to give to a heads up that Fox News – Good Day New York just called to see if I can sit for an interview tomorrow am. They found my name through MMR News!

Been getting calls and emails all day.

The responses are overwhelming.

We find the e-blasts to be extraordinarily effective, so we will continue to use them. We'll definitely get back to you when we have news to broadcast. You guys do that better than anyone.

Press Referrals

Thanks to MMR's partnership and credibility with the media community, our YouTube channel "Moments to CultuRise" was featured in the Your Money section of the New York Daily News as an innovation in social media. Their support of our efforts and proactive approach to connecting the dots gave not only our company great visibility; but also put a Hispanic marketing asset on a mass media outlet. Thank you for your support MMR! Liliana Gil, Managing Partner, AG-XL Alliance

NYU Class: Ethnic Marketing: How to Target the Multicultural Consumer

"I found Lisa Skriloff's class, Ethnic Marketing: How to Target the Multicultural Consumer to be extremely analytical, diagnostic and informative.  The inclusion of real world practitioners covering each diverse segment was fantastic and very affective.  Mixing these strong POVs with the corporate point of view made the business case clear for multicultural marketing.  Lisa's teachings and insights throughout the class were confirmed by all of the guest lecturers."
Andrew G. Levy, VP, Business Development, Global Diversity Marketing

"This class gave me the foundation I needed to go forth in creating a multicultural marketing program worthy of my organizational goals with the ability to serve our changing population. I was impressed with the quality of speakers and the overall wealth of information presented. This is definitely a program that I will refer to my colleagues."
Dorian Harriston, Program Director Communications & Marketing, Ohio State University Medical Center

"Lisa Skriloff's Multicultural Marketing class is phenomenal and should be required learning for anyone who is interested in multicultural marketing, works in multicultural marketing, or  seeking a career in this area.   Providing a wealth of information from a variety of experts in the multi- culti field, Lisa's class is engaging, eye-opening and relevant to re-thinking marketing and advertising strategies as they apply to targeting today's new multi-culti mainstream."
Elaine Meryl Brown, Emmy Award winning Media Executive and Co-Author, "The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women"

"I wanted to let you know that yesterday at a brand strategy meeting we were discussing the addition of a strategy around ethnic marketing for our brand specific to Hispanics.  The discussion sort of started and ended with the translation of brochures into Spanish. Thanks to your class, I was able to effectively participate in the discussion and bring value by bringing to light the complexities of marketing to this community and the need to go further than just a piece being translated.  We discussed the need to not only target the patient, but those that influence the patient, the different cultures represented within this community, and the need to reach out to an agency that has demonstrated effectiveness in marketing to Hispanics within our industry.  I think I knew more than most in the room and it felt kind of nice given that I am still fairly new.  Thought you would want to know the positive impact of this course in someone's day to day.  Thanks again!"                                                                                                                                              Student, NYU course

Corporate Training and Presentations

When the ANA School of Marketing was faced with the challenge of delivering a customized multicultural training program for one of our clients, we partnered with Lisa Skriloff for help. Lisa was instrumental in identifying three subject matter experts who worked with us to develop an engaging and insightful workshop. In doing this, not only did Lisa vet numerous potential resources but she also dedicated many hours to working with the subject matter experts to harmonize and refine the content, producing a seamless lesson plan. The workshop was a success which could not have been achieved were it not for Lisa’s work ethic, resourcefulness, and expertise.
ANA School of Marketing

Public Relations

It is not very often that I feel compelled to write an unsolicited testimonial about someone whose excellence is truly outstanding.  This is one of those rare moments.  Lisa Skriloff of Multicultural.com is a consummate professional whose expertise in public relations has literally blown me away.  While I have personally known Lisa for more than fifteen years and can vouch for her intellect and integrity, it is only recently that I have come to understand what she does professionally and appreciate how well she does it.  A little more than a year ago and after 28 years of clinical practice, I launched a web-site for my dental practice.  (better late than never).   The site was designed by an expert with knowledge of search engine optimization and the ways of the web, but visibility was slow in coming.  I started to write a blog and developed a presence,albeit small, on Twitter and Facebook.  With a sense of accomplishment that I had entered the 21st century, I showed Lisa what I had been doing and that's when she rocked my world.  In a very clear informative manner, Lisa suggested that she could help me "get noticed."  And just like that (snap of the fingers), I was being interviewed for various publications.  I've appeared in articles on MSNBC.com, Wall Street Journal.com, Inc.com and will be "featured" in a book about businesses that use social media.  All of this activity took place within a span of about six months from the time Lisa and Multicultural took me on.  The piece de la resistance was seeing myself in The New York Daily News on November 1st......nearly a full page color photo on page one of the Finance Section with an accompanying article.  Talk about visibility!  Lisa and her team are fantastic!  They are a pleasure to speak with, they regale in our success and they make it fun.  Most importantly, as public relations professionals, they get results!  I'm very thankful.
Michael Sinkin DDS
Event Planning Services

Thank you for the outstanding job you and your staff did on The Daily News Multicultural Small Business conference. This event, which took place on June 21, 2011, was a huge success with over 700 small business owners attending. You help in identifying and recruiting speakers, promoting the event on your e-newsletter, and organizing our speakers thoughts prior to the conference was invaluable and guaranteed us the success we enjoyed. I especially appreciated the opportunity to have you moderate a panel which was extremely well received. In addition, having MMR representatives on-site at the conference really gave me the extra help I sorely needed to make everything run smoothly. I look forward to working with you on future projects of this type and thank you again for your time and efforts in contributing to the successful event we hosted.
Larry Oliver, Sales Development Director, New York Daily News